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Happiness and Lightness of the Nourished Soul # 18

Creating_Heaven_Inside_Ourselevs_18 Mohini_Didi June 18, 2022

Om Shanti!

Everyone okay? You are waiving your hands and I can see from your faces you all are very full and happy. Baba is saying that to become a Brahmin is to be happy, so we always have to be happy. Every day we listen to this power to discern and especially this one about tolerance. I know for many years I could not understand tolerance because you know you want to be natural. One time I saw Dadi Prakashmani with a few other seniors and she was being, I shouldn’t say criticized, but you know it shouldn’t be like this in the Yagya. Dadi was smiling and looking, but I know that myself and one other sister were getting a little impatient because we couldn’t take any more. So, we tried to say something. Dadi heard but she kept smiling, and when everything was over and they left, we asked Dadi, “Were you listening or not?” She said, “I was checking my powers, I was checking if I have tolerance, I was with my eight powers and looking at them.” That really had a big impact on me. I thought that whenever there is a situation, people always have some idea, some opinions, and so how internally one can just remain stable. As Baba said, “Power to discern means that you will have tolerance.” So, I started to understand what tolerance is. Dadi Janki also mentioned that you are pure inner consciousness, they say that your chit should never be touched by anything. Then your thoughts are around that, and so your intellect cannot go to Baba.

So, I know that tolerance is a very big power. How many of you think you have a lot of tolerance? Tolerance could be physical, mental, intellectual, all different ways. We even use the word resilience, more in the lokik world, like, “How much resilience do I have?” Some have physical tolerance, like doctors say that you will bounce back, you have healing capacities, you have a different level of tolerance. So, I think that tolerance is a good virtue, and when I look at Baba, whatever people say about God, I think about how much tolerance God has. Some really make God responsible for their every action, but He doesn’t punish them, right? So, looking at Baba can also help us to increase our power of tolerance. You know that this is the 50th year for environmental issues and all that at the UN. In India, they decided to have a tree planting initiative. We got notice recently, and this is how we started planting our first fruit tree in Peace Village on June 5th. I was here, and we planted one and we booked many other fruit trees. So, we planted an apple tree, and it’s coming out very good. So, when we were talking about trees, you know that so many saints and sages, Vivekananda, Buddha, and many others sat under the tree and did meditation. Also, for giving, you throw a stone to get an apple or any fruit, so you get a lot of fruits, but the stone comes back. It’s not like the tree is giving a stone. So, the whole of nature has this quality of giving and tolerating, so it must be a great virtue. I am sure we should expect more with that, and not be touched and start having wasteful thoughts.

We had also been listening to some of the seniors talking about Mama. Yesterday, we were listening after Avyakt Murli where Nirvar bhai and Karuna bhai were sharing. Nirvar bhai shared something that stayed with me. They were driving in Bombay and in Bombay, they have big hoardings. I noticed with Dadi and Mama, they don’t look around. Like we look around hoardings and all, whatever it is. So, Nirvar bhai asked Mama about hoarding, “Did you like it? It is such a good idea that what Baba gives us?” Mama said that I only come to actions to do or what I have to speak, otherwise I live up there. Nirvar bhai said, “There is a saying that the ground moved under my feet, I couldn’t think how that could be possible.” So, today I was thinking that we are talking about creating divine sanskars, but when meditation is on or moments of the day, I find all the space around me is heavenly. Can we create that, or can we be in that heavenly, beautiful, divine space, and still be in the body and perform actions? So, I connected very much with Mama. I thought it’s something very beautiful. We are serving the world, but we are living in this Golden Aged beautiful space, and you know for us then the air, the water, all the elements, we experience their fragrance, their beauty, I think we can do that. Something I am feeling more and more, and I think we all can do it together, because after all we are the ones who are creators and we are the ones who will be masters. Just this sparkle of contentment and fullness of divinity. When we are full, then we are bestowers, we naturally give. Anything in nature does not try to give, they just give whatever is their quality they give. Whether it is air, water, or sky, they constantly give to us. So, contemplate on that, think about it, and practice the whole day to see, “Am I creating that space around me?” Definitely, there will be other kinds of vibrations pulled towards that, and Baba will look at it and see that we are cooperating in creating the Golden Aged world on this earth. I am sure you will do it.

Om Shanti

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