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Greater Result In A Short Time #21

Account_of_Accumulation_21 Mohini_Didi March 21, 2023

Om Shanti Everyone!

Yes, everyone looks well, happy. Baba wants whatever stage we have to create should be natural. Baba is saying that even being incorporeal shouldn’t be like I have to keep practicing. The awareness should be natural. Baba gives such a beautiful example of a princess who never forgets that ‘I am a princess’. Take a moment and think, “I am not a corporeal being, I am an incorporeal being.” It’s true that we are incorporeal, but the incorporeal being is in the corporeal, physical body. So, within a moment, have this realization, and make it natural. Baba says even the princess does some actions that are very simple and ordinary, but her consciousness of being a princess is always there. We all have been practicing for a very long time, but now we have to be natural. Natural also means that you are an embodiment. I am an incorporeal soul, but of course whatever are the eternal qualities of incorporeal souls, should be not only imbibed, but we have to become embodiment of that purity, peace, love, knowledge, bliss. Purity is very natural for us. We find this in our whole lifestyle, our pure food, our clean clothes, peaceful nature, cool intellect. If you look at the percentage of all these qualities, this is how I know how much I am in my natural, incorporeal, or eternal stage. Incorporeal is eternal, and eternal means these qualities. To make it simple, we pay attention to qualities. So we are connecting the incorporeal, eternal, and the qualities of that eternity. Since Baba has talked about eternal and original, I love to practice that.

Whenever anything happens, our feelings are affected, and it's like we are lost somewhere. What do you do? You start with your eternal stage. It’s like you are in a car and you get lost. What do you do? You come to the neutral gear and then you decide which direction I have to go. Then you start from neutral to first and second and third. Otherwise we can keep making mistakes one after another. It's like cars on the road, if we are not able to use the brake, there could be a big crash. It is the same with the mind, our habits, and reactions. I can say ‘stop’ and then bring the eternal stage, that is, the incorporeal stage. As soon as I understood that the eternal stage is incorporeal, I really enjoyed doing it. Before, I used to think that I am the point of light, then what?

So, today's homework is looking at our income. Some people spend as much as they earn, but what about savings? It’s the way we plan. I have a $1000 budget, so at least I should make $1000. Baba says that if you don't have extra income, how will you do charity? It is by doing charity that your income will increase. I remember, I am talking of 60 years ago. That time incomes were very low. So, there was a brother, he must have been making 600 rupees and he had 5 children. When he came to Baba, he wanted to do something. So he brought 10 rupees to Baba. Baba asked him about how much he makes, and then Baba said, “Keep 5 rupees in your savings account and give Baba 5 rupees.” Baba was teaching him that saving is also important. Whatever extra money they have from expenses, they will bring it and give it to Baba. Dadi Janki said, “When I hear somebody saying, ‘I don’t have’, I say, ask yourself, are you God’s child? And if you are God’s child? How can you say I don’t have?” It’s not by magic that money will appear, but it is your savings and your elevated action of giving or supporting the Yagya. Supporting the Yagya, as Baba says, will also bring unlimited. Sometimes Baba says that to give 1000 rupees or to give 50 or 10 is equal. Dadi Prakashmani, when the land of Gyan Sarovar was bought, Dadi announced to the Brahmin family, we were not so many as now, that everyone should put one rupee per day. Now for some it is difficult but they started doing it. So for Gyan Sarovar there was enough funds. Also, there was some savings and what they did was one rupee. They found that they were also earning more income. So how do I earn, spend, and save? This habit of saving a little bit is very important. So this little bit of saving and giving to Baba, both are in a way savings. Baba will also say that He will deposit it for you and give you interest. Of course whatever little we have saved, within a month, it will be more. So if we have some income, we can spend it.

So sanskar of giving to the Yagya, that is charity. It doesn’t sound practical, but when you do it, you achieve what you want, then you start doing it again. We also have to remember to spend less and achieve more. One of the best ways is to get the support then you are nominally spending, but creating the fortune of others. There was a time when there was not a lot of money in the Yagya, but we had big programs, we needed something. Baba told me one time, to go and look at anyone as a soul, and they will not say no for anything. The Dadis, they all used to go shopping, big shopping. So someone would say to take it,10 kilo rice, just take it. Baba would say that you should never take it for free because you have to buy it regularly, every week, every month, not just once. Tell that person to take as much as your cost, you pay for the cost, and profit we can share, because he also has a family and a business. So some of the budgeting principles I have learnt from Baba, Baba’s teachings. If you really want to know more about wealth then read the book called ‘pure wealth’. Our money and the money of people is different. The way we earn and the way we spend, our accounting system is completely different. Less expenditure, more achievement is connected with our awareness. So today we have to earn through thoughts, words, actions, time, energy, money. A budget is for everything, not just money. We use the word income when we say money, but actually your thoughts are your income. So this way you can keep earning, saving, and spending.

Om Shanti


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