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Greater glorification through less expense #01

Embodiment_of_Success_1 Mohini_Didi September 1, 2023

Om Shanti!

Everyone’s happy? Very well! Good example! We all are present, right in front of Baba. Those who are good at taking notes every day for so many months, on different topics, are doing a great job. Last month was ‘Image of Solutions’ and this month is ‘Image of Success’. I was so happy that Baba clarified for us the connection of what perfection is and how Baba is revealed through perfection. When our stage is full, we have all the attainments, and Baba will be revealed. There is no publicity, or advertisement, just naturally, it’s our efforts. Today, Baba is giving a new kind of awareness which we need to maintain and in practical, ‘less expenditure and more glorification’, ‘greater glorification through less expense’. We have to be very careful in spending money, and now Baba talks about different kinds of expense. There should be less waste of thoughts, words, and actions. Baba is saying to ‘spend less and achieve more’. So, it’s the quality of expense. We never thought that our thoughts will be the biggest treasure. So that means if I’m over thinking, even it could be something positive, but you are over thinking. You could have saved some of the thoughts, or some of the words, or some of the time. Baba is saying that any type of carelessness wastes your treasures. So, do not waste anything but increase ten fold from one. BapDada refers to this as ‘greater glorification through less expense’. This is increasing it and the other is wasting it. Either you’re wasting or increasing.

Baba says to become an honest soul who always uses body, mind and wealth in a worthwhile way. One is carelessness and the other is careful or attentive. Sometimes, I have spent so much time, more than necessary, or sometimes money. We buy something very expensive and after that you realise, “Oh, I could have spent less.” So we have to pay attention to carelessness. You know when people start making a lot of money, they’re careless in spending. You have 5000 dollars and you immediately go and buy a watch or you buy something, it’s carelessness, right? There’s a kind of ego, subtle ego or desire, and you want to fulfil the desire. So we have to be very careful, but also, I like the point of the Murli when Baba is saying that the subtle thread of bondage is ‘I’, my quality, my specialties, everything is ‘I’. We have to be very very careful, careful in using everything. Use it but don’t lose it, use it and accumulate it. So that we feel we are not spending much, but we’re attaining a lot more.

Om Shanti

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