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Going Beyond Obstacles Creates my Kingdom #14

Creating_Heaven_ Inside _Ourselves_14 Mohini_Didi June 14,2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

Everyone is okay? Very good. Baba wants us to be brave and conqueror, to be victorious. Generally, in the lokik world also when there is a prince in the kingdom, he has a lot of training, and one of the training is to learn how to fight. They are trained to use swords and all kinds of weapons, because when there is an attack on the kingdom, the prince also is a part of the army defending the kingdom. So, when Baba talks about our kingdom, the deity kingdom, Ravan is a big enemy, and has tried in all different ways, some influence, if not a big attack. So, we have to be very attentive. It shouldn’t happen that I am influenced by anything that has the traces of vices. Vices are gone, but traces are there, and that is why we have to be careful and see that we are not influenced. Through your thoughts, through your reasoning, through your attitude, you will know if you are influenced by something. So, constantly I have to observe myself, watch myself, and be attentive, so that I am not defeated. When we begin our spiritual journey, when we plan for any journey, we prepare ourselves very well. We have a good car, we take food, and plan for whatever are the needs for the journey. No one really plans that there should be any tragic thing, or that something happens. We are on a spiritual journey. So, on our journey also we have to see that there is no obstacle, and if there is any obstacle, it is alright, don’t worry. Immediately from Baba’s Murli or from seniors, just get the solution.

Actually, Baba has been saying a lot that Maya comes to say goodbye to you, but then you welcome Maya. You start giving hospitality saying, “Do you want tea? Do you want to stay?” Maya has come to say goodbye. Even Baba is saying that many times the body also goes through some difficulties, but be happy and just have the thought that I am settling. I will have to settle anyway. So, it is good that I settle. I have seen the Dadis, they never felt, “Oh, why is this happening to the body?” It’s just that I have to settle. So many different types of obstacles can come. First, we have to be careful about obstacles in the mind and intellect. The intellect should be clear and clean, and be with Baba. The mind also should be liberated and not under any influence. There might be other things also, like obstacles from family, there could be many different obstacles. All these obstacles are coming for you to practice more soul consciousness, and to see how you are looking at everyone as a soul, or if you are thinking, “Oh, this one is really an obstacle.” No, it’s also a soul, and when you have that consciousness for one who is creating difficulties, you really will find that a change will happen. Sometimes your neighbors could be very much like anti because they don’t know who you are. So, they have kind of negative feelings, negative vibrations and every morning when you get up, you just send a lot of good vibrations, and I found that a change happens in their attitudes. They become friendly.

So, obstacles come for us to apply knowledge, to apply powers. When you apply them, you will have the experience, and the knowledge becomes part of you. There are certain principles we have to follow. One thing at the Confluence Age is simplicity and innocence. Don’t allow the intellect to go into everything, a lot of information, a lot of news, a lot of stories. Some people try to know everything, but actually, as much as is necessary is okay to know, just don’t fill your intellect with a lot of information. Let it remain plain and innocent because our Baba is the Lord of Innocence. Also, do not artificially decorate yourselves in any way, just be simple. Be what you are, and there is beauty in that naturalness. When you are natural, there are a lot of beautiful vibrations also. So, keep that inculcation or dharna, but remember that actually you are moving forward when there are obstacles. When you are on the road and you find that every five minutes the scene is changing, that means you are driving, you are moving. If you find the same scene, you will have to watch and see, “Am I moving, or am I standing still?” So, when we are moving forward, there are definitely obstacles, but Baba is saying that those obstacles will help you to create your kingdom. You become victorious. A king is supposed to be victorious. Our Baba was fearless, stable, determined, and never had any thoughts like, “What is going to happen?” when there were obstacles in the Yagya. In one way, there should not be obstacles, but another way is that you have obstacles, but they don’t affect you. You become victorious. You use the power of yoga to be strong and victorious. So, always remember that Baba is establishing a kingdom, and we are the helpers, we have to conquer all obstacles.

Om Shanti


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