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Godly Helper #26

Embodiment_of_Solutions_26 Mohini Didi October 26, 2023

Om Shanti Everyone!

Everyone is okay, happy, full? Baba is saying that the bank for savings, of course it's a particular type of saving, is only at Confluence Age. Baba says that generally you want to save money in the bank for two reasons, one is security, and the other is because you get interest on that. Baba said that if you want to get one hundred fold or one thousand fold out of one, then it's only the Godly bank, when God is here, at the Confluence Age. I find that when we have these Avyakti signals, whatever points of knowledge we need to practice more or haven’t practiced much, we get another chance. That's what's happening now. So, it's very interesting for us to think about how much we should save. Baba said that the treasures are through thoughts and time, because it's true that in the Golden Age we all have satopradhan thoughts. We all will have elevated thoughts, but not necessarily getting 10 times for one thought, it's only one to one. It is the same in Kaliyug, Iron Age. So, how does it remain secure? What interest are you getting? Which bank is it? How much are we putting in the bank? All this needs some reflection, and I'm sure you all will do that more. Baba is giving a very simple way. We all are busy or committed to our life of doing Baba’s service. I think everyone is so busy in Godly service, everyone, but today Baba is saying that if you are doing Godly service, you should always be successful. If you find there is a failure and you find something difficult, the reason for that is that you have separated yourself from God. So, Baba is saying that while moving along, if you experience failure or any difficulty, the reason for that is you become just a helper. We call it sevadhari, server, but you don't remember whose service I am doing, and who is my companion.

So, Baba wants us to have that strength, to have that power, where I don't feel that anything is difficult. You are not just a helper, so do not separate God from His service. Baba is saying that since the very name is Godly helper, then why do you separate those who are combined. Always remember this name of yours, then service will automatically be filled with God's magic, and you will easily become an embodiment of success. So, it's like I am God's child, I recognize God's task, and I decided to commit myself to be a helper in that service. Then we forget whose service it is. Very simple point, but in this simple point where do you get power? Almighty Baba, purifier Baba, Satguru Baba, Baba as Supreme Judge, Baba as Teacher, all the relationships with Baba, and then I am Baba’s helper. So, that means when I am Baba's helper, there is no difficulty, no failure. Very beautiful point to reflect on, and then you experience how you are successful at every step.

Om Shanti

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