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God Shiva’s Versions - Trimurti Shiva #23

God_Shiva’s_Versions_23 Mohini_Didi February 23, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

I can see you all are very happy and light! Everyone is Baba’s blossomed flower. Baba’s drishti is sunlight. Baba’s drishti gives us all, whatever is needed for the flower. So, keep taking Baba’s drishti all the time. I have been thinking a lot about, if I observe my mind, how every thought is deeply connected with the body. Body consciousness, very subtly, is through the sanskars, then thought is influenced. So, you feel that I want to see that every thought is liberated, free. That thought, connected with Baba, can take power. When thought has even a subtle influence of any kind, it’s from my own sanskars. So, with purity, there is lightness and freedom of thoughts. Generally, anything that happened in the past, the mind compares, before it used to be like that, it was never like that, now it’s like that. How do we keep ourselves ok in the world of today? How do I not get affected? One way is not to look at anyone for what they are at present, but look at them in their original stage. Then, I am not influenced by all that is happening to others, but rather, I give them strength and courage.

That was Dadi Janki’s specialty. Once before world meditation hour, I was sitting outside Indraprastha at 5:30. Dadi was very punctual, she never missed world meditation hour. She came out of her room and she used to walk very fast. She said, “Are you not coming?” Then, before I replied yes or no, she already walked far ahead. So, I kept thinking that she didn’t even wait to get the answer, but it was also very inspiring. She was saying, “Let’s go,” but she did not wait for me. So, I keep reminding myself that I have to continue my journey. If others are not able to join me because of any sanskars, physical or spiritual, I should still continue at a good speed in my journey. For that, you don’t see the stage of that soul now, but you just give what one should be, so that the enthusiasm and the inspiration keep continuing, otherwise, it could go down. Whatever they are, you have good wishes, pure drishti, that they will make it, whether it is in the lokik world or in the Brahmin family. We like company, we like family and company, but on the journey, I have to be alone. I have my own speed and destination. When Baba talks of one strength and one support, this means not even taking something from your own body. Most of us, at least, are not very much connected to physical relationships.

So, observe your thoughts and see where they are being pulled or influenced. When I start looking at the mind, observing the mind, taking care of the mind, introversion will be very natural. Otherwise, everything from outside comes in. If I am observing the mind and paying attention, I can see what is there, and how I have to improve myself, make my mind free. Then you are not taking from outside. Otherwise, every moment, all the sense organs, physical organs, are taking something from outside. Notice that. So, practice not noticing what is happening outside, but remain on your own journey. From there, you become cooperative to the Yagya. Otherwise, a lot of energy, thoughts, and time can be wasted. I cannot blame anyone for that. There could be 10 reasons, but the loss is mine. So, remain in intoxication, self-effort. If I am a blossomed flower, why should I wilt, why should I wilt looking at someone? So, we are all flowers remaining blossomed.

Our homework tomorrow is about Trimurti Shiva, and each one of us is Master Trimurti. We have to do three tasks at every moment. Create purity, love, peace, elevated words, elevated actions. These are creations. We also do tapasya with determination to destroy all the obstacles, and we all have different obstacles. Obstacles are when I am not able to connect with Baba, not able to use everything, my thoughts, words, and actions, in a worthwhile way. Many kinds of subtle obstacles have to be destroyed through yoga, through tapasya. Then I have to nurture, I have to sustain what I have created, and that means to be consistent. Some days we find everything goes so smoothly, and we are all happy. We have to be more attentive, because next Maya will start challenging, “You all are doing well, I am around too!” Baba said that we should not remember the words that Maya will come till the end, but remember that I have to be victorious.

So, to be consistent, that is the sustenance for myself and others. I have to be a good tapaswi like Shankar. Look at Vishnu, our aim and objective. This morning in murli, Baba said, “You are swadarshanchakradhari.” That means I have to use knowledge to keep finishing anything that is not right in the mind. As soon as it comes, you have to immediately change it because it affects a lot. I have to keep elevated thoughts. Then I use yoga and dharna. As you become a good student and good instrument, service will be available all the time for you. We are serving the Yagya, through elevated thoughts, words, actions, everything. Of course, we need to do the service of giving the course or workshops, all that is very good. However, all that will be better if your experiences are increasing. When the spiritual depth is increasing, when you share, everyone gets something, not just through speaking, but from your stage also. I can share how I am able to be in soul consciousness, what are the experiences, what are the challenges, how much one can do, and how to do it.

So, my efforts and my progress bring quality to those souls whom I serve. On my journey, I am doing, so I am sharing knowledge based on that experience. That touches the soul and helps them a lot. I realized today that power and experience can come when in your mind, as Baba says, “Only remember Me.” So, do not carry the past, or worry about the future. Have 100% trust in Baba and our own fortune; both of them are guiding us all the time. As we are near our destination, Baba is also telling us many such points, and we are also realizing. Two things are important; happiness and lightness. I have to be happy, and I have to be light. Also, thinking of these three acts of creation, sustenance, and destroying, can help us.

Om Shanti


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