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God Shiva’s Versions – The Truth #4

God_Shiva’s_Versions_4 Mohini_Didi February 4, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

There must be a lot of reflection on this new theme. The aim is how Brahma Baba recognized Shiv Baba accurately, his remembrance was also consistent and powerful. With the power of yoga, he was able to burn all past sins. We never saw any kind of old sanskars. His remembrance was really the fire of yoga. Fire burns everything. Baba says,” Children, remembrance is fire, and your past sinful actions can be burned.” Not only that, but he was able to create that stage. The first thought could come that Shiv Baba is incorporeal. It is easy for him to be abhokta, beyond the influence, beyond experience, or any kind of feelings from whatever He has to do. Brahma Baba followed Him. There was so much opposition in the beginning, 20-30 children would just leave, and Baba would lovingly say goodbye. Whatever situations came, his stage was very stable and consistent. Whatever he did, it didn't leave any influence on him. You know sometimes if 20-30 are leaving, one can start doubting what is going on, but Baba said, “That's their part.”

When we follow Brahma Baba, we should also think of Shiv Baba. Invoke Shiv Baba with that quality. Through that invocation we can attain that stage where I do action, but after that, no feelings are left. Feelings could be the result or an influence. The whole day I was looking into that and I realized that yes, we can do it. When Dadis didn’t get what they liked or needed for their health, they had no difficulty. That is why Brahma Baba, in 14 years of yagya tapasya, gave them just buttermilk and millet roti for two weeks. Everyone was okay. So being abhokta, even with what I am hearing. There are some souls who keep saying things, if they're not proper, then why should I take it? There will be more and more situations where you will be seeing and hearing things, even in the lokik world, I have to be very careful what I take. A lot of things are fake or negative. So, we invoke Baba as Abhokta.

Some ask, “Baba doesn't eat, so why do we offer Bhog?” When we offer bhog, Baba accepts our love and gives drishti to the Bhog. He is our Father, so we must offer. Offering is magic and eating bhog is also magic. There are two other words with Abhokta, they are Asochta, and Akarta. Asochta means that Baba doesn't think. We have so much subtle thinking all the time. Whatever you're thinking, this or that might happen, it’s not useful. Baba mentioned one time that because Dadi Gulzar doesn't think too much, she has a lot of energy, and that is why Shiv Baba was able to use her as a medium. Once there was a serious situation and I asked Dadi, “Are you concerned?” She said, “My Baba doesn't worry, why will I worry? My Baba doesn't think, why will I do that?” It's a beautiful state, if we can think about that. Is what we are thinking useful, or should we just have pure thoughts and see how things work in practical? Akarta means that Baba is the one who is Karankaravanhar. I am Baba’s instrument. Baba is making it happen. Then comes Abhokta. It's very deep, the cycle continues from sanskars, from our sense organs, and the thoughts continue.

Another beautiful quality of Baba is Truth. They always say God is Truth. Truth is knowledge. What Baba speaks to us is knowledge. His love is true love. Only God truly loves us. Souls might have expectations, but Baba is Truth and Love. That love and truth makes Him a world benefactor. Every soul, every child can get Baba's love. I need to have a pure, clean heart to feel that love. Every moment of life, I find it's Baba’s love. That is why they say Satyam, Shivam is benevolence, Sundaram is most elevated, beautiful. These are the highest qualities or the true introduction of Baba. Soul consciousness is where real truth emerges. It is when I am in my eternal stage of soul consciousness that there is true love, true peace. True is spiritual, it's coming from my heart. Thinking of Baba, invoking Baba, these three qualities could be very beneficial. Many used to say, “Baba, can you just change some of the words, don't talk about purity?” Even in Murli, some of us thought that we are very sensible, and you have to be sensitive. Baba said, “You shouldn't be saying this. I'm not saying it, Shiv Baba is saying. If somebody challenges anything, you bring them. Tell them that Baba said it, and I will explain to them.” That means the truth is the truth. You won't change the truth.

Without purity, there cannot be peace. Without purity, there cannot be love. Pure love is soul conscious love. All other love has attachments, dependency, and some sort of expectations. Baba was so loving and caring, but also was so detached. True love doesn't have attachment, there is strength. You don't need dependency or support. That is why we say that we have One strength, One support. I saw that in Brahma Baba’s life. All the time, whatever happened, it was One strength, One support. There are always moments when you won't have anyone around you, instead of being scared or insecure, just remember Baba. Baba is my strength, Baba my support. You will feel how Baba is giving you that strength and support. Think of Baba with a lot of love, with these qualities. Then that invocation will also bring experiences in you from Baba. You will find you are able to imbibe those qualities in practical life. Our remembrance of Baba is with a lot of love, and our heart says to Baba, “You are Satyam Shivam Sundaram.” On the path of bhakti, there are so many songs on Satyam Shivam Sundaram. We recognize Baba because any one's body is false. That means it's temporary, mortal. Everything else in the world has limits. Knowing Baba, we know the truth that I am soul, we all are souls, children of one Supreme Father. Our feelings for each other are so different in soul consciousness. Our thinking is different, our attitude, our awareness. We have to gain strength and power from our awareness at every step. Whatever powers we have, have a limit, but not power from awareness. Smriti, awareness of truth and benevolence, that is what one has to experience and practice, So, we follow our father Brahma and are being with Shiv Baba.

Om Shanti

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