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God Shiva’s Versions –The True Guide #17

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

God_Shiva’s_ Versions_17 Mohini_Didi February 17, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

Happy Satguruvaar! We are happy, like our Satguru Baba. I can see everyone's cheerful faces. The majority of you haven't missed one single evening. It's because of the blessings of Satguru Baba, that you are able to come and be together in the family. You all can contemplate on the point Baba gave that when you receive, you become. You cannot become on your own, we keep saying I am a loveful soul. That is later on, but first, Baba loves me. Baba is the Ocean of Love. He bestows so much love on all of us. Of course, how we experience that love is up to us, and then we become lovely. Baba explains very sweetly. Has Baba ever scolded any one of us? No, never, because He is sweet. The way He teaches us, gives us signals, gives us shrimat, very sweetly and that touches our heart. So what should we do now? If you are telling someone something or whatever you do, do it sweetly. We know how Baba is incorporeal, egoless, viceless, and he gives us that experience. Baba salutes us every morning, while giving love and remembrance, He says, “Namaste.” Baba respects us. Is there any time that Baba didn't give to us? He speaks with so much respect. So, what should we do? Give respect to everyone.

Today Baba said that receiving is becoming. That means, whatever we are becoming is what we are receiving from Baba. We can make efforts on our own, but today Baba said that this is really the right way. It had been such lovely days of childhood when you think of Mother and Father, Teacher and then Satguru. I really love these two three days of murli where Baba mentions relationships with children, because in the part of bhakti, I know they also sing this song, “Thou art the mother and father.” So, we are Baba's lovely, beloved children. Baba has adopted us. After adopting, He is giving us inheritance, and making us worthy. Whatever we are today, it's because of our parents. It is the same with Baba's teachings. It is so pure, elevated, the highest on high. It is wisdom, but in a very simple way. Baba explains to us Eternal Truth, the knowledge of Himself and the Creation. Our story that Baba tells us starts now, at the Confluence Age. It's not from the Golden Age. From here, we go to the Golden Age, then gradually we reach what we are today. This is the most valuable birth. In the last murli, Baba said that the time of Confluence Age is very valuable. We cannot waste it. Sometimes there can be waste thoughts, waste time, waste words that we don't really need. When Baba is taking care of us, Drama is our friend. Everything is in our favor, so we don't need to think too much. We think a little extra. These days I remind myself even two or three thoughts can be of some service, either for the self or for the world. So why am I wasting? Like how we are careful with money, but we should be the same with our thoughts, our moments, our breath. They all are combined.

So, we will be thinking about Satguru Baba tomorrow. Isn't it interesting? The same Baba plays the part of Mother, Father, Teacher, and Satguru. So, deep within our hearts there is so much love, and following shrimat is most important in our relationship with Satguru Baba. Baba gives shrimat and then signals. You only have to just feel it. What is Baba's signal for me? It's the feelings, you will feel it. One is listening to shrimat, knowing what shrimat is, and the other is internal. Baba keeps guiding us all the time, at every step. This is why Baba spoke about the power to discern. How do I discern? Based on shrimat, I discern and then I decide. If we do not have our own feelings, or hold on to any feelings, then we can understand what Baba is telling us to do. So, tomorrow all of us will look at Baba as Mother, Father, Teacher and Satguru combined. Sometimes in murli, I say, “What is the Father teaching? What is the Teacher teaching? What is the Satguru teaching?” They all teach in the murli. So, tomorrow you will experiment with that, and while listening to murli, think of who is saying it. Is it Father, Teacher? Father's teachings are little different from Teachers teachings. Even in a lokik way, a guru's teachings are still a little different than a teacher's teachings. That's why He has to play all three parts; Father, Teacher, and Satguru. Of course, I had a very beautiful day, the whole day thinking about my sweet Mother, Father and Teacher. Now we add Satguru, also.

Om Shanti


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