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God Shiva’s Versions –The Supreme Teacher #16

God_Shiva’s_Versions_16 Mohini_Didi February 16, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

Everyone ready for first class, air condition? Baba mentioned this because in India they have these compartments on the trains. So, when you have to buy the ticket, there is air condition class, first class, and it depends how much you can pay. I know that whenever the double foreigners go, they like air conditioned compartments, because there is no dust. In winter it is warm, and then in summer, it is cold. There is a deep connection between purity and studies. Baba always says that the intellect is like a golden vessel. It can retain the knowledge. Listening to knowledge is another thing, we can keep listening, but how much stays in the intellect? I have knowledge or I have faith, so what will I do with faith? If I could change faith into power or courage, and if I can’t change faith into knowledge, then what’s the use of faith? Some of us need to know how to change faith into power. Remembering Baba has to change into the power of yoga. There is the power of yoga, the power of knowledge, the power of faith, and the power of courage. Everything needs to be in the form of power. We all have faith and courage, that’s why we became Baba’s children.

So, how do we change faith into power? One, of course, is maintaining consistent thoughts of faith and trust. Not only believing in Baba, but having thoughts that create companionship, that create the feeling that Baba is with me. That is why they say ’smriti-awareness is power’. How can Baba be with me? It’s only when my thoughts are pure; of knowledge, of service, then Baba is with me. Especially at this time, we need Baba’s company, and Baba’s support. We should combine knowledge and remembrance, service and remembrance. There should be less and less wasteful conversation, just Baba’s knowledge and Baba. Baba is my parents, so let the remembrance be so natural, consistent, integrated with actions, and then you will feel the power. In your life, you will feel very full, content, and naturally cheerful. I keep reminding myself all the time in any situation, “Okay, let me remember Baba, He will take care.” I need to keep myself in these eight hours of remembrance and service. If you are remembering Baba, you are doing service. It’s not that I have to sit for eight hours. In the beginning of the Yagya, when there were 300 of them, they had to do everything and be in remembrance. So, really, I am proposing that you experiment with this. I have to remember Baba, talk about Baba, share about Baba, giving thanks to Baba, and Baba will respond.

Experience Baba as Parents, Mother and Father, and also as Teacher; a wonderful Teacher, Supreme Teacher, He doesn’t miss a single day, 365 days. Baba says, “ I come from so far away.” So, how much love should we have for the study? Read murli, listen to murli, write murli. You will then understand the knowledge the way Brahma Baba understood it. I have to become like Baba, I don’t have to become like anyone else . It’s a very subtle point, because these days there are so many classes and people keep listening to them. I am not saying don’t listen to them, but then that’s not where you get power, power will be from Murli, and if someone says that it’s boring, then they don’t have a foundation of knowledge. Studying and churning the Supreme Teacher’s knowledge will bring wisdom and realization. Reasoning is one thing, logic is another thing. Many give wonderful lectures, but wisdom is in Baba’s Murli. You really have to find the Truth. You have to study murli and practice. Even if you take one or two points from the murli, that is enough, then keep practicing the whole day. That is how you feel the presence of the Supreme Teacher. Every step, Baba will guide you. What is Baba's direction for every situation? It should emerge in the intellect that this is not what was in today’s murli. It’s not only revising and revising, we should also create awareness based on that. Full concentration, full focus, let the knowledge go into the vessel.

Baba is the Supreme Teacher and Brahma Baba was a good student and also a teacher. If Brahma Baba was not a good student, Shiv Baba wouldn’t have been able to use His mouth to speak. Brahma Baba was a merchant, but when he belonged to Shiv Baba, he became a great student. Whatever wisdom you are taking now, will be with you for the whole Kalpa. Every Kalpa, I am creating my fortune. Learning continues until the last moment. It could be a lot of work, but it can also be natural, when I keep using knowledge. Think that Baba wants me, Baba is teaching me, think of yourself as a soul. So, taking these points, keep talking about it, keep applying it, and thinking about it. Your day will be filled with the presence of Baba. Let us remember Baba, then we can decide. Creating the presence of Baba through remembrance is our true love for Baba.

So, this last part of churning for each one of us is to take full benefit of every relationship with Baba. Churn the murli, and then the whole day, keep it in your awareness. I am a Godly student, then a child and a student. We ourselves take the burden of different things and get the intellect very occupied. Then, I am not enjoying being a Godly student, a Godly child. I have a beautiful life, and that is in the awareness that, while doing everything, we are enjoying God’s love. It is Baba, Baba’s Yagya, and I am doing everything for Baba. So, this hardness, doing things in a hard way, is because of lack of this awareness of who I belong to. Power is needed now, a lot of power for self-transformation, and also helping the Yagya with that love and power. Then nature and elements will help, everything will become completely Godly. I am thinking we have to be intoxicated, light, happy and full. I am God’s child. What do I lack? Nothing. I always remind myself that Baba is the One who will take care of me. Baba is the One who will give to me. So, I don’t have to look at human beings for anything. They are souls, and we are one family, all children of Baba. Brahma Baba made such effort for himself and of course, he shared with others. I have to do it for myself. Create different methods, different ways, very simple, natural consistent efforts. I am a Baba’s child, and I am a good student.

Om Shanti

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