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God Shiva’s Versions – The ocean of knowledge #9

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

God_Shiva’s_Versions_9 Mohini_Didi February 9, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

You know, when we go to programs in auditoriums, they have some fixed seats, and those fixed seats are for VIPs. Seats that you all have taken are fixed windows, I see each one of you the same way, as VIPs. It is very important for Avyakti Parivar to be present and happy, and whenever I ask if you are all well, you are all well, mentally, spiritually, and physically.

Cleanliness, purity is a big subject. Actually, there are two things, one is that we say where there is purity, there is peace. Today, Baba is saying that when you are able to focus, you have concentration, connection with One, and when you can just do it at any moment, that means there is cleanliness. So, Baba wants to see the quality of cleanliness, where I just get focused. The mind is not wandering, it doesn’t get disturbed, it stays peaceful. We have examples in front of us. Baba was one, then Momma, then the Dadis. They showed us that while taking care of everything, the more we are with Baba, the more we can remain light. That means to do everything and then hand it over to Baba, or even before doing, you just say, “Okay Baba, I am going to do it.” That is why Baba brings, or Drama brings, various kinds of situations for us, where we know how to give to Baba, and how to receive from Baba. So, cleanliness actually will bring inner lightness, not only that, but focus. One is to focus on your task. Baba gives us directions for everything. I hear so many things, and then in the morning, it’s like Baba just gives me clear answers, just do this. It is more like a signal now; a signal is not for once in a while. There is a constant signal. Am I following that signal? For that, it is important to have that focus.

Whenever there is wandering of the mind, whatever happens stays in the mind, fear for the future, very subtly, that is a lack of cleanliness. So, every day when we listen to Baba, I keep thinking, “What exactly does Baba want?” Today, He gave the answer; to focus on the mind. So, the mind is very internally quiet, peaceful, light and free. So, what should I do? Pay attention to the thoughts. What is cleanliness actually? This morning, I woke up and I kept hearing, you have to earn income, that means remembering Baba more. It was an interesting blessing, that we require a stage that helps us to pass through all situations and circumstances. Also, remembrance of Baba is very important, and for remembrance, you have to find time. The mind can always be engaged. There will always be something to do, but it is very important for me to remember Baba. I realized that I have time, when I have a few minutes here and there, anytime, I have to remember Baba, just be with Baba. Baba helps us to remove any kind of burdens in the soul, past or present. Our stage helps us also to clear the mind, but we need remembrance of Baba. Today, Baba said to focus on One. Baba also keeps saying ‘Manmanabhav’, remember Me alone. Internally, we know that Baba is only for me, I am remembering Baba, but I am not necessarily focused. So, I got a strong feeling that we shouldn’t only get lost in the practices, we need to practice to create a particular stage, but also remembrance of Baba is very important. So, cleanliness is focus, cleanliness is to stay very peaceful and calm. This helps us to be with Baba. We have been taking one quality and name or form of Baba, just to know Baba more, experience Baba more, and also create our stage like Baba.

Today, we were paying attention on the seed form stage, and looking at Baba as the Seed. I was thinking that the Seed is of love, Seed of peace, Seed of all the qualities of Baba, because this is the Creator and creation. Baba is the Creator, Golden Age is His creation, and we are Baba’s children at present, we are becoming Deities, we are His creation. Then, when it comes to our seed form stage, a seed needs a lot of nurturing. If you sow a seed and leave it, there is no sunlight, there is no proper air, there is no fertilizer, seed will not come out, it won’t sprout. It is the same with the pure thoughts we have in us. I always remember when Dadi Janki used to tell us that any thoughts she gets, she puts in front of Baba, knowing that Baba will give blessings and if it is a signal from Baba, the thought will be implemented. If not, then it’s okay too. There was a time, I remember when we did meetings, or anytime we went out of home, we always went in front of Baba. “Baba, we are going out for service.” When we came back, we would say, “Baba, we came back from service.” It was a kind of practice. You feel like you are under the canopy of Baba, the protection of Baba, and your intellect is so light because you got it from Baba. Baba keeps saying, there are so many references to jewels emerging from the ocean, we say that Baba is the Ocean of Knowledge. So, there are waves in the ocean, there are pearls in the ocean, there is nectar in the ocean, and all that I have to find in murli. Momma used to say that murli, knowledge, is nectar for you, but also, it is medicine for you. It will help you, whatever deep within, if there is low mental energy or sickness, listening to murli will help you. I find every word, every sentence of the murli helps you to find some pearls, feelings of sweetness, and nectar.

We have a beautiful resource in murli. Day by day, I am realizing how important the strength and support of the murli is. Every day, our purity is increasing, our understanding is increasing, our depth of knowledge is increasing. So, listening to murli is different. Someone says, “Oh, these points, all of them look so strong and new.” Baba is talking to me! I think again it’s the focus, again it’s the cleanliness, that will help us to feel the nectar from the murli, find the jewels from the murli. It has answers, it has solutions, it has power, only I have to create awareness based on that. Baba is the Ocean of Knowledge and He is giving us murli.

Om Shanti


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