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God Shiva’s Versions – The Seed #8

God_Shiva’s_Versions_8 Mohini_Didi February 8, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

Avyakti Parivar is really avaykt! That means that nothing can touch them. Everyone is doing well? Show me hands, wah, thank you Baba! Baba is taking us to the highest level of purity, because it is said that ‘purity is the mother of peace, happiness and prosperity’. Especially at this time, when there is so much impurity, body consciousness, and all the vices are at a climax. It is very important to pay full attention to purity, and Baba is defining purity more as cleanliness. In soul consciousness, whatever I see, speak, or hear, I will sort out what makes sense and only take what is clean. It is up to me what I see and don’t see, hear and don’t hear, speak and not speak. Baba said that we should be holy swans. I had heard that swans can separate milk and water, but I didn’t know how. Sister Shireen, in her revision of murli, explained how there is some kind of branch in the lotus where swans can suck all the milk and leave the water in it. It’s a good example for us also. I hear so much, but I take only milk, I leave all the water and pollution there. Of course, speaking is in my control, but even listening, because whatever a person is saying is not necessarily true, or could be just whatever feelings are there. Listening is up to me as a swan. I forget what that person was saying because I didn’t hear it. I didn’t want to hear it.

Speaking also needs a lot of discipline. I keep reminding myself about what to say and what not to say. This kind of cleanliness, Baba is saying, is like the household of the body. If the body is clean, then everything else will also be clean. This morning, I woke up and I was sitting for amrit vela and one word came to mind, “line is clear, lane is clear.” Like the internet, if you are able to connect instantly, you would say the line is clear. Here we are talking about the mind and intellect. For example, we say that when you have love for someone, and you think of that person, the other person instantly gets some feeling. In my connection with Baba, my communication with Baba, I can have a very beautiful experience of silence. The time will come when we will need a clear line, because even these lines, which we are using for technology, may not be clear. Communicating clearly with Baba and amongst ourselves, we are able to communicate through the line of mind, if it is clear.

There is another aspect of the lane. When we are on the road, if there is a lot of traffic, we say that today it was all clear, so we reached there very fast. Many souls ask,”What fast effort can I make?” You have to keep your lane free from traffic. Traffic is not only from your own car, it’s from other cars also. Check what kind of thoughts you are having. Are they about what happened in the past? We have many thoughts, then it is busy inside your mind. These thoughts create traffic, so the speed of effort is reduced. If you are at a very low speed, that means it will take a very long time. So, I just thought to share with you that having our line clear and lane clear is actually up to us, it’s just paying subtle attention and with time, gradually, you find that there is a lot of clarity about everything.

I like the word cleanliness and how Baba says it is spirituality. Many people ask, “What is spirituality?” Baba explains it step by step, so we can now explain soul consciousness and different aspects of Baba. I definitely use Baba as Almighty all day, because deep inner strength, stability, courage, enthusiasm all comes from power, and it's only Almighty Baba who can give that power. Human beings can help you, but the soul can only receive power, feel powerful, from Almighty Baba. It is not just a question of my personal life, Baba has given each one of us the responsibility of transformation of the world, and also through purity, contributing to the Yagya. The Yagya is sustained with purity. So, whatever responsibility Baba has given me, I need power for that.

Self-discipline, self-transformation is one thing, but also, every day I remind myself that I have to become perfect to burn all the sins from the past, and become completely free from mistakes. We make little mistakes, sometimes in seeing, sometimes in speaking, sometimes in listening. Baba is with us and we say, “Baba please forgive me.” Baba‘s help and companionship at every step is very important. As I have mentioned before, the Dadis did everything saying, “Almighty Baba is with me.” They got everything done. They didn’t have anything, but they got everything. So of course, it is Baba’s task, I am not doing it for myself. Whatever we are doing, it is for the establishment of a world of peace, a world of love and happiness. Just think, whatever little we are able to contribute towards creating such a beautiful world, and it is definitely through my personal vibrations, words, and drishti. I always remember when Dadi Prakashmani said, “The world of peace can only be established when you are peaceful, not only peaceful in life, but in your ways of communication, relationships, everything.” You have to use peace, and for that, of course, you need patience, you need good wishes.

So, for tomorrow, you will connect with Baba as Seed form. Each one of you can reflect differently, but my thought is that whatever is in God as a Seed, definitely is in us. God is ever pure, so the soul is also pure. God is the Ocean of Knowledge, so the soul is also knowledgeful. Every quality; peace, love, everything is in the soul. When you sow the seed, then the tree grows, then fruits come, That’s what Baba says: that our thoughts, our words. our actions, our relationships, everything is like a tree from the seed. When I am peaceful, then my drishti, my words, everything will be peaceful. Shiv Baba is incognito, He is Incorporeal. I have to nurture myself under Baba's protection, Baba’s canopy, so that I can remain patient, I can remain peaceful. I remain powerful and that Baba calls that the seed stage. One is bodiless, soul conscious, but also knowing that I am a seed like Baba. In the morning, just become a seed and then the whole day, let’s see what emerges from the seed?

Om Shanti

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