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God Shiva’s Versions – The ocean of peace #11

Updated: Feb 12, 2022

God_Shiva’s_Versions_11 Mohini_Didi February 11th,2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

Baba had been defining purity for us. When there is deep purity, there is contentment. Lightness and peace are connected with that. There is a very subtle conflict within each one of us that might not be visible. If we are able to locate it and change it into purity and peace, you would see the difference. How do I see my future? What do I want? There may be some conflicts or problems, but at this moment. I don't have any, so why can't I accumulate? I look at myself and just become very content. You are elevating yourself, and as you elevate yourself, your part will also become elevated. Why am I not happy at this moment? I am carrying that from the past or for the future. That's a waste of time. I have been dealing with a lot of big situations, but in this moment, it's not there. I can be completely in purity and peace, and power, because Baba and drama are my companions. Otherwise, subtly, we are losing a lot of time and breath. I keep telling myself that whatever I am concerned about, it's not of this moment. I am allowing my mind to be consumed by that completely. As our responsibilities grow, we have to deal with a lot of big situations, but I have to be present at this moment. I'm accepting that whatever has to be done has to be done, and that power will come from this moment. If I have to become worthy, let me use this moment. If you don't, then there will be some frustration or lack of contentment. I would recommend everyone to try this method that has been helping me. Then you are accumulating this power that will help you when you are playing a part. If I don't accumulate, I am being careless about my thoughts and time, then things can never be better. Dadi Janki used to tell me, “Wherever I am, I am. I don't think where I was or where I have to go.” She's just thinking about the present. Baba says,“Remain light, remain happy.” I think this moment will add to my new sanskars, otherwise, I am going by old sanskars. Cultivate new sanskars now, that will keep you cheerful, your face will be smiling and you will have a lot of strength in you.

I like the points of purity very much. Purity of the intellect is very beautiful. When there is purity of intellect, the soul can connect with the Supreme Soul. We allow a lot of things to go in the intellect. Can I keep intellect protected? I have to connect with Baba. What is my future without that connection? I could also help other souls connect. All the attainments of the Golden Age are based on purity. Attaining a worship worthy, high status, is also based on purity. When there is purity, your thoughts, words and actions are pure. When actions are elevated, then you get the reward of each action. When BapDada looks at us, He wants to look at a beautiful jewel of contentment, of purity, in the center of the forehead. The third eye is sparkling, beautiful, that's what Baba looks at. There is no sadness. If we want to remain cheerful, happy, light, then spirituality should be in our eyes and sweetness in our words. When there is purity, you are very sweet.

We cannot do anything about the past. Drama is perfect and accurate. Don't doubt the Drama. Now I can create instead of wasting time about the past. This is a very subtle effort. Connected with purity, is the experience of peace of my original self. The soul is peaceful, I am peaceful. This peace is internal wholeness. Your mind doesn't have any influence. That's what the aim is. Look at circumstances as scenes of Drama, and always remember that two actors cannot be the same in this Drama. Every actor has different sanskars, different parts. If we expect that person to be the same as me, it wouldn't work. I was a very young Brahmin when one of the Dadis told me not to have expectations, that you will be very disappointed. The sanskars may not be good, but maybe those sanskars are needed by that soul to play a part. I shouldn't have any problem. It's their part. You can experiment tomorrow. If suddenly the mind gets disturbed, see from where it is coming and immediately remember that’s the soul's part. That's how we accumulate power, when all these inner subtle conflicts and disappointments come, we have to finish them.

There is love for the self, mercy for the self, Baba's blessing, and our own blessing for ourselves. Use these to work in such a way that you feel you get into an inner space of peace, and create an outer space of peace, too. Anyone who comes to Baba’s space will experience peace. Whatever is happening, as soon as someone enters Baba's home, they should feel waves of peace, because Baba is sitting there, being the Ocean of Peace. Baba is with us, and the ancestor souls are sustaining us and the Yagya. There was a big question of how did we sustain the Yagya for two years in COVID? It's Baba, ancestor souls, and of course whatever tapasya we were doing. In every moment, we are creating the presence of peace. If I can't do anything, at least I can maintain peace within myself. Just imagine all that we are contributing towards the establishment of the world of peace. Baba is establishing a world of peace. I also do that, drop by drop. Being in peace will keep increasing your inner power. Whatever role you get, whatever you decide to do, you will have strength and ability for that. That is why I find it so important to do our homework properly. Many times I thought, ``Why is this thought coming again? Is it some kind of impurity, traces from the past?” We have to find the root. Everyone has a certain percentage of impurities, because all karmic accounts are not settled. As you come less into sound, automatically, there are less thoughts. If I belong to Baba, I should be able to merge in the Ocean of Peace. If I'm peaceful, I can dive quickly, if I am not, then I come up again and again. If I know what is going on inside, outside will be okay too. So many souls can benefit through the vibrations of your presence. Every moment there can be service. There is service from your awareness, vibrations, and stage. Try to use this method of the present moment, so that a light, happy jewel of purity shines on your forehead that Baba can look at.

Om Shanti


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