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God Shiva’s Versions –The Ocean of Love #13

God_Shiva’s_Versions_13 Mohini_Didi February 13, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

Everyone is happy and light, right? That's what purity is about. Purity keeps us very light. Baba’s murli is so powerful. Every word of the murli has power, has wisdom. Baba is talking about three powers; the power to discern, the power to recognize, and then the power to imbibe knowledge. There is a connection between recognition and the power to discern. Recognition is more like knowing. I know that I am an elevated soul, I recognize that we are in the Confluence Age, and I recognize the task of God. I recognize Baba also. Every power is important, but I thought it was an interesting concept to connect them together. If I recognize that I am an elevated soul from the last Kalpa, just the feeling of that inner purity, complete purity, will help the soul to discern. That means I only have to take what is pure. I have to think about what is pure. Immediately, I should be able to discern whether something is pure or not pure. I'm not going to take sorrow, because I have to be happy. People and situations will bring all kinds of things in front of us, but we should be able to discern what I have to take or not take.

At this Confluence Age, this auspicious time, I recognize all of these four things: self, time, Baba, and the task. These four things will help me to increase my power to discern. I shouldn't be wasting time. Baba said that at this Confluence Age, time is very valuable. I am Baba's child, taking so much from Baba. So, recognition has a connection with the power to discern, then we decide, then imbibe, then we can decide how to take the next step. Everything is there in the murli. So tomorrow, just read that part of the murli, the first part, in the morning. It's quite long and quite deep, so that is why we take only one or two points at a time. Now, there is so much homework. One is to read the first paragraph of murli. If you want to listen, then you can listen to sister Gayatri reading this morning on telegram. The second homework is so beautiful. It is about purity, purity is original, and there is peace, happiness, and prosperity. The soul began its journey from that purity. In the Golden Age, there is purity, peace, happiness, harmony, beauty in nature, everything. When we are at Home, there is 100 percent purity, and also liberation. So, just hold this concept of deeply feeling and accepting that I am a pure soul, I am a pure soul. Whatever little traces are left because of body consciousness or some karma from the past, we have to remove all that. I am a pure soul, keep reminding yourself of that.

The third homework is that of sat, chit, anand. I really love this so much. Since morning after waking up, I was thinking of that, trying to experience that. I observed that if your chit is truth, there is truth in your heart, there's truth in your life, and that means you are loving. You don't have animosity, you have good wishes, and you live a life of truth. In today's world, to live the life of truth, definitely requires Baba and Baba's teachings. It's only because of that help, that we can be completely truthful. Sat is truth and also purity, satoguni. Baba talks about sato, rajo, and tamo. When chit is sat, there is sat in the chit, you are blissful deeply within, emotionally you don't go through sorrow and happiness, you don't fluctuate. Everything you see is with the right perspective, and it has come to help you. You're not going to lose anything, you belong to Baba. So stay happy, stay beyond, that means you are in bliss.

Another homework will be that Baba is the Ocean of Love. Love is such an invisible quality. Body conscious love can be expressed in a physical way, but when it's spiritual love, it has to be experienced. Baba loves all of us. Baba is the Ocean of Love, but to experience Baba's love, to feel Baba's love, we need to have this pure mind, pure heart, and pure intellect. That's why yesterday I said that I don't allow feelings of hurt. Keep your feelings above, so that you can feel God's love. I think each one of us feels loved by God. Again, I feel God's love every moment. Before love was always someone saying “I love you” or by touch, and all that, but this love is so incognito. Do you all feel Baba's love? Can I see hands? Everyone feels Baba's love. Baba, first as parents, in the morning, you really feel the love of parents, belonging to Baba, and just thinking that Baba wakes us every morning. Baba starts taking care of me early in the morning. Baba says, “Remember Me, churn the knowledge.” Then He teaches us and makes sure that everyone gets murli. I myself saw that when Baba was in sakar, paper was not available, there were no machines, and there was nothing like email. Baba made sure, first murli had to be printed, and there was no printing, but it was more like a different big machine and they were posted in time. So, one brother on a bicycle would take all these packets of murli in two bags. It's our teacher, the love of our Baba as teacher, who wants to make sure that we all get murli. Even today, do you know how much effort the brothers in Madhuban have to make and other countries, international offices from wherever, so that we get murli in time every day?

As I shared, murlis are actually the journey of Brahma Baba. Sakar murli and Avyakt murli are his words, his experiences, and of course, Satguru Baba makes sure we are in the right direction. He keeps indicating to us not to do wrong actions. Don't do sinful actions, so that we don't get any punishments. Dharmaraj is not meant to punish, but to liberate us. What a judge does is to help you, not to punish you. So, all of this is Baba’s love, telling us how to live, what to eat, all that is Baba's love. “You have to eat good food every day, you have to offer to Me”, and because we have to offer, we cook every day fresh. Dadi Janki came to London, so people would boil dal for a whole week. Every morning they would fry it with some seasoning. Dadi said, “How can you offer that to Baba? You have to make it fresh every day.” So, people said that they became healthy, because they are eating fresh food, and every day offering to Baba then eating. So, this is Baba's love at every step. There are even maryadas, disciplines, all of that is for our benefit, to protect our purity, to protect our power. He says, “You have to have some discipline.” He is the Ocean of Love, so I have to be the embodiment of love. Of course, the ocean is unlimited. For many of us, our first love was love with God. It's so intoxicating. Much was accomplished in the beginning with that love. We were doing so much at that time, following Baba’s directions, we felt constant love and sustenance from Baba. Baba's love is taking care of us. Let's practice being with the Ocean of Love, and be a master ocean of love.

Om Shanti


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