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God Shiva’s Versions – The God of All #6

God_Shiva’s_Versions_6 Mohini_Didi February 6th,2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

Everyone is well, full, and very good,right? This morning’s murli was soul awakening. On our spiritual journey, Baba keeps explaining to us that at this time the need is not just purity, but cleanliness. There is a lot of connection between cleanliness and prosperity. During the time of Diwali, they start cleaning the house. So, it's not only they who are clean, but those who want to have a clean heart. I remembered someone was sharing that while cleaning out her drawers, she found a letter that she had written out of anger or something. She threw it out. So in cleaning, they take out everything that is useless and negative. Baba was talking about cleanliness of mind, of body, of relationships, and also, He gave us the signs and benefits of such cleanliness. It was really eye-opening how cleanliness inside is very much connected with our success and prosperity in life. Prosperity is becoming complete and perfect in virtues, not financially. I was very touched by Baba’s murli. It helped me to think deeply about taking care of my body as a temple, and also about spiritual fragrance and inner contentment, because Brahmin life is really meant for this. It's the first of 21 births of experiencing jivan mukti. Baba is benevolent, merciful, and compassionate. So, as much as we think about who God is, He has made it easy, we see who He is. He is God of all, Parmeshwar, that means He belongs to everyone. We all belong to him and He belongs to everyone.

In this way, the connection with Baba is good and simple, and we understand Baba as the Teacher, Satguru, and Supreme Judge. Baba, as Highest of high, looks at each one of us as the highest personalities. Sometimes, a little doubt creeps in and you think, “Am I really like this?” He says, “Yes, you are My child.” For the new world, the new age, Baba wants masters, masters of all qualities. Baba said that you don't only become deities in the Golden Age, but you have to become that now. Baba says that lightness and happiness are important. We have to make good quality efforts in a royal way. Baba is talking about cleanliness, but He said that He would talk about the specialties some other time. Yesterday, brother Eric was asking me about whom do we have to reveal, Shiva Baba or Brahma baba? I was thinking that if there are souls in front of me from different religions, they might not connect with Brahma Baba immediately, but they definitely will connect with one God. I knew that as soon as we give Shiva Baba's introduction, next will come Brahma Baba's introduction. Baba wants us to reveal Baba. How do we reveal Baba? By making everyone feel that He is our God, our Father. He is not yours or mine, Baba is everyone's Baba, everyone's Father. Baba has given us knowledge of Drama, the play of all varieties of souls, Golden age, Silver age, Copper age. We are now at the Confluence Age, all souls are here. We know that we will go home, to the home of silence, and in the Golden Age, we all will be in love, harmony, and peace.

I thank God that for so many years, we have been in New York, but we always remained safe. Anyone who was in opposition, we sent a lot of good vibrations and pure feelings, and they changed. They might not like us, but they were not against us. They see us as good, peaceful people. I always remember Brahma Baba when there was partition of India, there was so much violence. For women to be safe was very difficult. Baba said, “Day and night, do tapasya. Be in soul consciousness, and no one will be able to touch you.” So, all the sisters, while the brothers cooked, took turns to go and do yoga bhatti. Everyone not only remained safe, but they created that kind of friendship with the local government. They were Muslims, and that's how they were able to send them to India. They gave them a ship, they gave them all basic needs for one year. Baba really set an example for us. So, even in the present time, whenever any situation comes, you have to use the power of yoga, the power of silence. If there is anger when trying to solve a situation, it can never be solved. Temporarily, maybe. So, we need to remind ourselves to look at everyone as a child of God. Everyone, however that person behaves, I will help that soul. These are big challenges, but we have to act in such a way to keep our mind peaceful and loving. It's not just using knowledge, but also thinking that if God is for everyone, what kind of interaction should I have? Anything outside is Kalyug. We have to respect the laws of the land, but we remember the law of God also. Baba is protecting us, and Baba will keep protecting us. So, we cannot enter into any cycle of action and reaction, but we resolve everything with spiritual love and peace.

Baba's family is very unique. When we came here, we didn't charge any fees, and they never heard of anything like that. People kept asking how to donate, then we had to write “voluntary contributions”, because they feel that money is needed now. You don't ask, that is different, but money is needed, so what is the way? Okay, you can contribute. We kept asking Dadi, what should we call it? If you write “Baba's Box”, they won't understand. Can we write a contribution? Because Baba doesn't take. Like in Peace Village, those who teach and serve don't take money, but the place needs money. Maintenance needs money, and those who are serving, if they don't have jobs, they have to be taken care of, and that is also a big expense. You need some people to serve. So, everything is voluntary. Baba's principles are so unique, because Baba doesn't want anyone to deprive anyone from getting knowledge or sustenance. Baba sustains us, He is the Master of the World. Of course, Baba said that we have to have cleanliness, so that there is food in Baba's bandara, and there is enough to do service. It is such a beautiful family. For two years, there have been less activities at the Center, but Baba has sustained us. Especially when I look at a place like Peace Village, which is so big, their utilities, their insurance, their maintenance. They have so many things, but the family felt the need, and so they keep sustaining. So, how does God sustain? Drop by drop, but with total honesty. So, how to keep our heart compassionate, unlimited, with love for everyone, and be peaceful? It is thinking of Baba. That He is for all. So, every soul, even if we might not say that this one is my brother or sister. They are, but if you have difficulty, at least I can say that it's God's child. This one also is God's child. That's how I keep my drishti. This one is Baba's child, and this one is also God's child. So, that compassion and generosity stays in my thinking, in my speaking, and in all different ways. Definitely, it helps me to think God is for all. Everyone is God's child, and we are all souls worldwide. We are one family, and then of course, we are brothers and sisters.

Om Shanti


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