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God Shiva’s Versions –The Comforter of Hearts #14

God_Shiva’s_Versions_14 Mohini_Didi February 14th, 2022

Om Shanti everyone!

Each one of us has to think about our recognition of Baba. When I first met Brahma Baba and took drishti from Shiv Baba, I just felt He is my Father. Instantly there was recognition. There was the feeling that Shiv Baba is my Supreme Father, but also both are my fathers. After so many years we are still practicing to be soul consciousness, but there was this instant feeling, I am a soul. He is my Father, it’s the confluence age, He has come to establish the new world. If you go back to when you came in the beginning, what were your feelings of recognition of Baba? I am the same soul of last kalpa. That is how most of us decided to be a Brahmin and do Baba’s seva.

Everyday this realization of how Father is taking care of us, as a Parent, Teacher or Satguru but it's the same Father. He is liberating us from past sins, the five vices and making us worthy. Before, mind was always wandering and now it’s like a lotus. It can think about so many good things, have good wishes for everyone, same with the intellect, amazingly in contrast to what it was. I find that even if sometimes there are a few waste thoughts, after some time you say, “Oh! it was not necessary to think all that.” Dadi Prakashmani, everyday used to share her wish or thought. For her it was that deep connection, where thoughts were emerging because it’s going to happen in drama. She never had to force it, she would just very lightly say it and we knew it’s going to happen. It was the power of thought and she was connecting clearly with drama. If you go in deep silence with purity and start seeing this, you will not have waste thoughts. You will say let me use these thoughts in Mansa seva. Internally you get very calm and content, because you know change is coming. Let me be ready for change, instead of thinking about change. I remember, Dadi Janki said that instead of thinking I could do this, just keep increasing your abilities. Baba looks at our abilities, mind and intellect, how they are connecting with everything. At least have the determination, I will not have waste thoughts. A lot of intellect, mind which could go towards our own self improvement and relationship with Baba, goes in bringing change in external situations. External situations are never the same. Tomorrow will be completely different than today. Change your thinking and intellect and keep making it satogun.

Today Baba said 8 hours of service of remembrance. What I find these days is that I will just take 1- 2 minutes, as soon as my mind is free, let me remember Baba, because He will give power. He will get everything prepared for us. That is why Baba is called Comforter of Hearts. He is the Ocean of Love and His love is to comfort us. When there is this recognition of Baba, He is Almighty, Remover of Sorrow, Giver of Happiness, Ocean of Knowledge, every virtue. Two things are important, remembrance and stage. We should not lose our stage no matter what happens, because it’s difficult to regain it. Whether it is peace, contentment, clarity, cleanliness, any stage. We need a stage for circumstances, scenes of drama and good practice to stay in remembrance of Baba. Baba wants to help me, give power. Baba wants to use me as an instrument, but I am not available. I am busy. I was looking at Brahma Baba, he offered his body to Shiv Baba. We all know how difficult it was, in the sense of society and family, but his heart was strong. He was very disciplined in his food and exercise. Dadi Janki always used to say, don’t allow anything to affect your heart. Heart and brain are important for human life. Nothing should go in the brain which is not right. We have to keep applying the knowledge so that we can remain strong. We are able to do so many things because of the awareness that I am an elevated soul. Recognition of the self from last kalpa.

Today, Baba was talking about when there is recognition, there is power to discern, then we decide. I inculcate, I imbibe, my capacity to imbibe keeps increasing. Baba gave the example of swans separating pebbles and pearls. I will just take pearls, I am not taking stones. If anyone is throwing stones, I am not taking it, because it’s up to me. Discern and then decide what to take. I have to take pearls, not pebbles. They say that swans can separate milk from the water. Baba had been telling us the specialities of holy swans. These really comfort hearts. What is comforting the heart? Not just that Baba loves me, but what is He making me. Everyday there is change in us, sensible, powerful, light, loving, friendly. Just think what Baba is making us and remain in that intoxication. Baba is the Comforter of Hearts, I also have to become that.

We should always remember why we are doing this, so that I also become like Father. I have to be like Baba, because I want to serve. Recognize yourself, recognize Baba. Time is very valuable, you cannot waste time. Be available, keep increasing your abilities, not information. Sometimes we keep listening to classes, but those are interpretations. You have to really study murli. Every time you read or listen to murli, there is a different meaning and it gives you power. So many have their own interpretations about knowledge, I don’t listen to those. I want to stay focused on murli. Every day my love for murli is increasing. I want to spend more time reflecting on it. I want to be like Baba. Our love for Baba and Comforter of the Hearts keeps increasing everyday.

Om shanti.

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