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God Shiva’s Versions -The Bestower of Liberation and Liberation in Life #24

God_Shiva’s_Versions_24 Mohini_Didi February 24, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

Happy Satguruvaar! Always remember that Baba keeps us very close to Him. Baba has a lot of love. Only, we need to be open to experience it. Baba says that it's good to be entertaining, it's good to be jovial, but don't become ordinary. It's good to be light, happy, laugh and make others laugh. All that is very good, but it has to be yuktiyukt. Yuktiyuk means using appropriate words. We have a lot of jokes in the Brahmin family also. You must have heard some. Shall I tell one? One time a mother brought a child to class, because during the day in India, mothers bring their children. He kept crying. So, the teacher said, “Put this child next to me.” Then she started reading murli and the child slept. So, the mother said, “What did you do?”. She said, “When I read murli, it's not only children, even the big ones sleep.” You all are not those who sleep while listening to murli, right? No one sleeps while murli is being read. So, it's okay to be jovial. Brahma Baba was so humorous, his smile, his lightness. As soon as he passed by anywhere, he spread the vibrations of peace, vibrations of happiness. It's important to be happy also. Even when we sit with Baba, the soul internally starts smiling, because we feel Baba's love.

So, there had been so many different kinds of homework, with our attention on purity. Do not only depend on what might happen, but be clear what you want, and create such powerful thoughts to make it happen. Whether it is for your effort, or for Baba's yagya, or for any kind of service, if we have clarity, then that creation can be sustained. That also happens because all of us have good wishes for the self, others, and also love for service. When it comes to liberation and liberation in life, mukti, jivan mukti, it is at the Confluence Age that liberation while being in life has to be experienced. Liberation and liberation in life are two things. The soul goes Home, liberation, then returns in the Golden Age, jivan mukti, liberation in life. However, at the Confluence Age, you have both combined. You experience liberation in life. That means internally, when there is liberation, there are no bondages, no attachments, no reactions, and the soul becomes free. This life is a life of fruition, not of effort. It doesn’t feel like hard work. It doesn’t feel as if I am really laboring now. You will see that this is a very short birth at the Confluence Age, where I experience a life of fruition. This is when we do one, and Baba gives us ten. We take one step forward, and Baba comes so many steps forward. A life that has all the attainments. Baba says that in the Golden Age, Baba won't be there. Here, the Bestower is with us, the Fortune Maker is with us, Almighty Baba is with us. Whatever way we can think of that is very auspicious. In the Golden Age, we won't serve anyone. We will just live for ourselves. Baba says, “What will you do the whole day there?” Here, we are able to serve, do charitable actions, and help other souls, to liberate them from their wasteful thinking and sorrow.

So, it is a really beautiful life, and so we will contemplate more and see how we can experience liberation in today's life, no bondage. There are many types of subtle bondages and gross bondages, but I am free. I am going beyond sound. Liberation is also called nirvana. When I feel like coming into sound, I do, and when I want to go in silence I do, I can. It's the land of peace. Just be peaceful. The more we are peaceful, we will create the whole place as a place of peace, a land of peace. So, we will be doing our homework, and I am sure you all will have beautiful experiences. I also extend lots of my love for the family of Brother Karthik.

Om Shanti

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