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God Shiva’s Versions – Shiva #5

God_Shiva’s_Versions_5 Mohini_Didi February 5, 2022

Om Shanti

Such beautiful feelings to be with one who is Satyam Shivam. The intellect is with the One who is Truth, Benevolent, such beautiful feelings, He is my Baba, He is my Father, He has adopted me, He is the highest on high, ever pure. Shiv Baba has adopted each one of us. There are such deep feelings of joy, super sensuous joy. Not only that, but the feeling of how that One who is ever Truth, has given us the recognition that I as a soul, am also ever truth, the soul is eternal. So, I was having very lovely deep feelings of love for Baba, and today the intellect was only connected with Baba, having very beautiful experiences while sitting with Baba. I am sure you are also benefiting from every day’s thinking, remembering, practicing, experiencing relationship with Baba as He is. Is it making any difference in your remembrance? Can I see hands? Recognition, or knowing someone as He is, I find this very beneficial, because the intellect is so much connected with Baba and with that quality.

So, when the intellect is connected with Baba, deeply within yourself, the same qualities start emerging, because souls also have these qualities. I remember when I heard gyan, I immediately felt that I am like Baba, Baba is like me. Who else would I be like? Only He is ‘ever’. We have lost it, and we are reclaiming it. So, beautiful feelings emerge. Who am I? Baba’s child. So, not only love, but connection, not only for a day, or one year, not only for the Confluence Age, but forever. Even Baba says, “I won’t come in the Golden Age”, but He will be present, His qualities are in all of us. That presence of divinity, godliness, that’s what we have. I am a Godly child. I am a Godly student, claiming not only inheritance, but becoming like Baba. So, these practices everyday have started giving me those experiences. We are receiving, connecting, feeling very close to Baba. Baba shared that if you are carefree, you are a lighthouse and mighthouse. Then you are able to receive and give good wishes to everyone. Subtly, it does happen that concerns and present situations affect us. When you have certain concerns, that means you are not able to be a lighthouse and mighthouse. So, there is internal surrender of my difficulties and challenges to Baba. I remind myself that I have to be lighthouse and mighthouse, I have to receive from all seniors, everyone, good wishes, and share that with others.

So, it is so powerful, our main practice, becoming aware. As soon as I become aware, things change. I have to do that the whole day, immediately I have to be a world benefactor. So, as soon as I am aware that I have to be this, change happens. There is only one word that is always with Shiv, ‘sada Shiv’, which means His name is always Shiva. Our name changes because of the body. In one birth I am Radha, in another birth I am Laxmi, we have 84 different bodies, different names. Baba has only one name. Even Baba has one thousand plus names, on the Shiva lingam, Shiva, Amarnath, Somnath, Vishveshwar, Kaleshwar, you will hear some of them later on. God depends on His divine acts, our names are only for namesake. God’s name is what He does, and what He is. So, it matches, Somnath means the one who gives the nectar, somras makes us immortal, so He is Lord of Immortality. Sometimes I say that Baba is Amarnath Baba, this does not sound well, Shiv Baba, yes, and Somnath Baba, Vishveshwar Baba, yes, it is alright, but when you say Shiva Baba, it feels like Baba is mine, Shiv Baba is mine. So, when we hear the word Shiv Baba, we instantly connect. Our Baba is Shiv Baba. So, His name remains Shiva. Always remember that His name is connected with the activity that He does at the Confluence Age. It will be interesting that we have 28 days, a lot of titles, a lot of names, we will make combinations of a few, and present them to you for the whole month.

I am definitely seeing, at least for myself, that the intellect is just with that quality and I am with Baba, with God. Also, I am connecting with the point of purity, God brings benefit to us, and makes us pure. We could have never thought of purity as the kind of purity that we are experiencing now. It’s not physical, it is soul conscious, spiritual. Baba says that when there is purity, you experience super sensuous joy. When there is purity, your capacity to experience God and experience attainments, keeps increasing. So, we love purity, not only without external physical vices, but internally, every thought is a pure thought, every feeling a pure feeling, and every word a pure word. Every thought is pure, and allows that capacity of experience and super sensuous joy to increase. So many things you can think about purity, Baba’s qualities, super sensuous joy. I find that even for 10 minutes or 15 minutes to be with Shiv Baba is a big achievement. Today, when we were sitting in meditation, I was just with one Baba, being in that stage. That's the help, I will say, we are receiving by practicing one of the qualities of Baba, recognizing and being in company with Him. So, tomorrow, just have thoughts of the One who is Benevolent, the One who is World Benefactor, He is my Baba, and one of the benefits He brought to the soul is purity. Even knowledge is for purity, and this purity continues for the whole cycle. When Baba came, we said, “Yes, I am a pure soul, I want to live a pure life.” It was so easy. So, reflect on that experience and I am sure you all will also feel within you, the same quality of Baba.

Om Shanti

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