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God Shiva’s Versions -Satyam Shivam Sundaram #25

God Shiva’s Versions #25 Mohini_Didi February 25th,2022

Om Shanti Everyone !

Baba is the Highest on High, but He wants us to be like him. In the lokik world, nobody would want anyone to be like them. Today Baba gave us such a big title of master satguru. A sat guru is one who bestows all the blessings. People go to gurus so that their desires can be fulfilled. One of the main supports of happiness or sorrow is relationships. I always remind myself that whatever karmic accounts we all have is from 63 births. It is through soul consciousness we could settle all karmic accounts. I am in soul consciousness, looking at souls, and become a bestower of blessings and good wishes. All of Baba's children are together. We have been together, and the more we are together the more karmic accounts we have with each other. The best way to transform those karmic accounts is to create elevated actions then the relationship based on that. One way is soul consciousness, the other is sharing blessings with each other. As master satguru, we see our strength, everyone else's strength and specialties.

Everyone has a unique part, no one can play anyone's part. Each one is important. You can't remove any actor from the drama. Every actor has a part to play, but I have to learn how to play a part with everyone. Wherever I find that a soul has a special part, but strong sanskars, I always try to be very friendly. People are surprised sometimes, they say so many things about the soul, but those souls need a lot of support instead of criticism. I always feel, anyone who is helping, I need to support, share love and friendship and it works very well. In the golden age if you want to be together, just settling will not help, but also create relationships. It needs patience, a lot of internal qualities and you have to continue to bestow blessings. Those same souls today are very responsible instruments in Baba’s yagya. We have spiritual love, but there are some other qualities which are also needed. We have to be a bestower all the time. Bestower is not a question of just doing, but through our thoughts and drishti we create that atmosphere. Whatever challenges are there, I have to overcome. Then I am becoming worthy of jivan mukti. That is why I like Baba's title of Liberator and Guide. Baba liberates us, but also guides us. This spiritual relationship at the confluence age is very special. When I think of our ancestor dadi’s I remember so much love. We have been sustained with that love. I reflect and see how far I am from the destination. Sometimes we could say quite far, sometimes we feel we are about to reach. Baba is with us and finally we will reach our destination.

Baba is reminding us of His main quality of truth. This truth is about knowing one's own self, we are all actors. Everyone has a different part to play at the beginning, middle and end of the cycle. True knowledge is in soul consciousness, then you are able to become benevolent, bring benefit to everyone, and that's most beautiful. That is why they say satyam is truth, shivam sundaram benevolent and beautiful. True beauty is in the truth. When there is truth, you are very simple. Telling lies is very complicated. That's what happened when we forgot we are souls. Then in body consciousness, relationships, materials, attachments, very complicated. I am soul, we all are souls and have spiritual love for each other. Practice this more and see the transformation. We will reflect on Baba's three qualities, Satyam, Shivam, Sundaram.

Tomorrow is volcanic bhatti. Without mentioning details, so much violence is going on, especially in some countries. It will also affect a lot of things, economy, oil prices, so many things. Even Baba has guaranteed his children, you will get dal roti. There may not be bread and butter, but you will get dal roti. Tomorrow during bhatti, we will think of that country and all the souls. Volcanic bhatti really means we are not only doing it for ourselves but for world peace. Connect with Baba, keep Him above and shower Baba's powers upon the whole globe, the entire human family.

We know that when there is an extreme of anything, such as extreme darkness, it has to change, it must change to the dawn. The darkest time is very challenging. It takes time, but we know that dawn has begun so internally, our efforts, our spiritual stage is taking us towards dawn. Some souls say that everything is so scary. Remember you are at the confluence age, even living in the iron age. Baba is my Protector, but we have to have our intellect connected with Baba. There will be many situations, but that's where we have to stay connected with Baba and invoke Baba. It's not that you need to chant Baba, but at least with love have remembrance. Dadi Janki used to get on the plane and just say, “Baba, I am in your lap.” Wherever she had to land, she reached safely.

Are you all going with us to Madhuban in angelic form? We will think we have so many angels around us. Always remember this is the confluence age, don't think of kaliyug. If you listen to news, just a minimum, not in detail, because those images and sorrow touch the soul. I am at the confluence age, I am with Baba, I have a family of angels with me. Keep invoking those angels and creating beautiful thoughts in you. More and more will happen but whatever we are doing is for souls. Where there is spiritual love, vibrations of peace, when we give sakash, we also get it. A lot of settling is happening, but we have to do it through the power of yoga. Have a lot of spiritual love, power of yoga, peaceful mind and be very calm. Within the atmosphere of anger and violence I have to remain very quiet, still and extra peaceful. Otherwise, we quickly can get influenced and get into some difficulty.

Om Shanti !

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