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God Shiva’s Versions - Creator & Director #20

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

God_Shiva’s_Versions_20 Mohini_Didi February 20, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

It feels so good to be together in the family. Everyone is okay? There are so many theories about the creation of God. Some believe that there is total annihilation and destruction one time, then the creation begins with Sri Krishna appearing, floating on a pipal leaf. There are also scientists who believe in different theories, like animals becoming men. We know the Eternal Creator God. At present, He is the Creator through Father Brahma. He gives us knowledge, and he changes us from impure to pure. So, His Creation is not to begin something, because we say that the World Cycle is eternal. It has no beginning, and no end. So, eternal really means to change from old to new. Baba said this morning, that you are the ones who are the nearest, like Baba, the first creation, and this understanding, only Baba's children have. They still think there will be destruction, then a new beginning. In different religions, there are many different theories about creation. We know now that we are Baba's first creation, and creation is not that He creates human beings. He changes impure souls into pure souls, and that is the newness. There are so many faiths and paths. People do renounce, but our renunciation, Baba always says, is unlimited. This is the old world, and Baba connects our intellects with Home, and then to the new world.

We don't have any interest or temptation in this world. There is a lot of contentment. Baba is sustaining us so well. This whole sorrow of “I and mine” is disappearing from our lives. Everything belongs to Baba, and we are trustees. Then Baba says that we do elevated actions, and Baba keeps filling our apron of fortune. Whatever is in your fortune, you will receive it. If it's not in the fortune, even if it's given, it cannot be received. Baba says that it's through purity, the elevated actions, that you create your fortune. This is our first birth, our Brahmin birth, and we are Baba's first creation. Then, Baba becomes our director for every step in life. Every day, there are the directions for Brahmin life in Baba’s murli. Today's murli was so powerful, when Baba drew our attention to how to fill in the gap between aim and attributes. We want to use Brahmin sanskars, but sometimes old sanskars can emerge. Words are very important. Baba said, “Speak less, speak gently, and speak sweetly.” That is the attention we have to give. Baba said that words have connection with the mind, and also with others.

Baba said that if you want to have constant remembrance, be constant yogis, just keep praising Baba and thinking of Baba. Definitely, we all will become very close and equal to our creator. Whenever we think of Baba, He is the most beloved Baba. That is our slogan. It is so interesting that our homework for tomorrow is based on this morning's murli. The murli began with, “I am the Eternal Creator of the original and eternal, eternal and original souls.” That means, all the souls will become pure and peaceful. They might have to do a lot of settling, and in the end, they suffer. Baba's children are settling now in all different ways. We are in remembrance of Baba, so our settling is not suffering. Even if something happens, we immediately are able to bring in our awareness our original self, eternal self. Eternal is loveful and peaceful. Original is a deity soul. Each one of us does feel that we are moving towards both our eternal and original self. Once in a while, we say that we really want to go to the Golden Age. Then Baba reminds us that we won’t have Baba there. So, then we say that the Confluence Age is very good. We are with Baba, and preparing for the Golden Age.

So, our stage of purity is not only that I am a blessed soul, but “vardhani” really means one who also bestows blessings. What we have to do now, from our stage of purity, is to be one who can bestow blessings. Everything will be very good, you will be well. We have to keep in our minds, all the time, what we are blessed with. Then, we have to offer the same blessings to everyone. So, how to keep that aim? Use the power of purity, so that we can help others, so that they can also live a life of blessings. Baba had said that things can happen suddenly, and that we need to be ever ready. We also will be victorious over Maya. Maya does come, she just creeps in, but also remember that I have to be a conqueror of Maya. Never lose hope, and don't be discouraged. Maya comes to test us, then we draw attention, we say that we have to be more careful, then Baba gives us another chance. So, how to be a soul from the stage of purity, where I grant blessings? I was thinking how the Dadi’s were able to share the words of blessings, very simple simple words. When we left Madhuban, I was with Dadi Janki for quite a while, and she was offering something to me, and I said, “Dadi, maybe tomorrow.” Then Dadi said, “Who has seen tomorrow? Whatever you have to do, do it today.” So, I keep remembering Dadi’s words. Who has seen tomorrow? Whenever we went with big plans to Dadi Gulzaar, she used to say with so much determination, “Yes, it happened. That means whatever happened last Kalpa we are getting thoughts now, and it will happen again.” Some people say, “What about our planning?” Yes, we should plan and then after planning, we just say that whatever happened last Kalpa will happen again.

From our purity, we change our stage, so that we can share blessings and fill everyone's apron with blessings. Baba said that thought is very powerful. Thought has no expense, nothing, and yet it reaches where it should reach. So, how do we use that power of thought, so that we can reach our destination and fill the gap between attributes and the aim? Every day is the blessing of Baba, and we can keep this in our awareness the whole day, so I remain blessed, and I am able to bless others. I really like this point that purity makes us great. What is this greatness? Receiving blessings and giving blessings. If we can just keep this in mind, at every step, this consistent remembrance while eating, while talking, I think it could definitely help us very much. So, we have beautiful homework for tomorrow, looking at Baba as the Creator and Director. Baba’s shrimat is Baba's direction. Brahma Baba followed all of Baba’s directions, and now we all have to follow Baba’s directions. So, tomorrow we will do our homework; first creation, eternal creation, original creation. Baba is our director and Baba is our creator.

Om Shanti

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