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God Shiva’s Versions - Conclusion & Experiences #28

God_Shiva’s_Versions_28 Mohini_Didi February 28, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

Yes, we had lovely celebration of Shiv jayanti flag hoisting we did last night but all over in India everywhere, Pandav Bhavan, Gyansarovar, flag hoisting everywhere. So month of February, we are very very connected with ShivBaba and for whole month actually every day we took one of the quality of Baba and I found it was very helpful. Even it's not only that quality but as Baba said if you praise me as much you think of my praise, your yoga will be consistent. So it was practical, it was easy and I think we all took benefit from that. Yes, did you all take benefit, you felt it was good? Yeah.. I am seeing some of you saying yes, I think everyone is saying yes in a different way: that's very good, thank you. So one quality of Baba, so there are, we took 28 qualities there are hundreds actually right? We have Lord of nectar, One who changes thorn into flowers we had Master Gardener, Liberator, Guide, One who Bestows Mukti - Jeevanmukti and of course Supreme Father, Supreme Teacher, Supreme Sathguru so many. One good thing is that when we collectively all of us together do same practice whole day. It's a very beautiful feeling of connectedness and that's I think we doing as Avyakti Parivar, we're trying to make efforts together so we know that Baba is guiding us and we hold on to each other spiritually and becomes easier more entertaining, interesting. So month of February has passed and Baba also came today right it was so powerful. Baba’s murli on foundation of purity, it was so powerful murli, right? Of course we will revise that Murli. So feeling close to Baba and in those that closeness then become like Baba… sometimes I wonder why Baba wants us to be like Him. Actually we are like Baba, it's only we lost all the qualities we had.. if you just recognize that eternally you are that, what Baba is and that's why Baba keeps saying think of your eternal form, eternal form so that this self trust that I can become like Baba because I am like Baba. But I have to become 100% right and then my original stage comes from eternal to original. Eternally there's a soul, originally is as a deity and Baba when he speaks to us gives us lot of self-trust, assurance. Baba will make us also like himself not only we have to become but Baba will make us also. So we did that in February and now we will go to dadis so we will have very very interesting stories and teachings of how dadi’s were able to follow BapDada. Dadi’s were able to follow, right? So we all have to yeah to follow Son shows Father right? So our next series will be on our two dadi’s for the month of March so we will hear that more later on.

Om shanti

Om shanti

One of the success of Baba's yagya, is that both dadi’s they had so much love for each other. You saw how they believed in receiving blessings from each other. Dadi Janki wanted to get blessings from Dadi Gulzar or Baba and then she will also share her blessings, Dadi Janki with Dadi Gulzar, so that love and harmony is the main power of sustenance for the family,. Even two different personalities with different specialties but they had lot of love for each other, a lot of respect for each other. I remember one time, ike Dadi Gulzar always considered Dadi Janki to be older elder so anytime DadI will come she will get up, just out of respect and then DadIi Gulzar will sit then she will sit. Dadi gulzar had respect for Dadi Janki as elder, because she was older but also so Dadi the way she respected her in the sense of as I said when Dadi Gulzar is sitting and if Dadi Janki enters she will stand up and when Dadi Janki will sit she will also sit. And deeply recognizing that how Dadi Gulzar she always spoke less because she thought less when you think less you will speak less right? if you have so many thoughts in the mind so when you start talking you will talk a lot right? And once we ask her that, she says I only think what is necessary so that's such a good sign because then she could be with Baba. Mind is free so mind can be with Baba, if mind is too busy it's not practical right to be with Baba. So very very deep silence even if she will speak, whatever she will speak, it will take us into silence. Just imagine the words will take us in silence. And Dadi Janki used to love to share points, share reflections, share Baba’s stories and I also used to feel Dadi as grandmothers. You know grandmothers what they do, they keep telling you stories… once it happened like this, once it happened like that, so lot of stories of Baba, Mama. Anytime we sat, she remembered one of the story. I thought that was very interesting and we start enjoying those stories because we thought who else will tell and it's true because we miss Dadi Janki because we don't have anyone who shares those are real stories her experiences that Brahma baba her experiences with Mama because she used to be in Bombay, Puna. And Mama used to go there very often, so she will have lot of lot of love for Mama but also she had not only respect but she learned a lot from Mama too. So this relationship of love, harmony but also learning, appreciating each other's qualities, I think creates a very very deep long-term spiritual relationship. We all have specialties we all have certain limits and dadi’s will never look at anyone's limit. They will always look at the specialties because that is like sharing power with each other. Because if I always look at your specialities that will help you to create self-trust, courage and you will move forward. And I think this is what we should learn from our dadi’s, that love, harmony, respect and looking at the speciality all the time, look at specialty and talk about that. If our conversations are based on that, they will be very very powerful conversations. It will be progress not only for my own self but this progress for everyone and we have to all progress together right we can't leave anyone behind. And one way is to encourage them by telling them about their specialities. I think that dadi’s are traveler's on spiritual journey ;very compassionate very kind to each other wherever needed in whatever way they will be around so that there can be good health. So we will listen and see what are their specialties their qualities and I'm sure it's a good chance for us to follow our ancestor soul, Dadi’s.

om shanti

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