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God Shiva’s Versions – Beyond the Effect of Experience #3

God_Shiva’s_Versions_3 Mohini_Didi February 3, 2022

Om Shanti!

Happy Sadguruvaar to everyone! Sadguru Baba said today that I am your guide, and that we are together on this journey, so just follow shrimat. Avyakt Bapdada says that what is most important is smriti. In English, the word is awareness. What am I remembering, what am I thinking, what is my awareness? I like it very much when there is purity in awareness. When there is remembrance in awareness, there cannot be any impure thought for anyone. Our drishti for everyone will be pure. Baba wants purity even in our dreams. To have any impure thought for anyone is impurity within me. It's a very high destination. When you know that so and so is like this, or we form our opinion, or we start looking at someone like that. Baba says, “No.” That is not the stage when you can be called “Paavan”, because our pure thoughts and pure vibrations purify the elements also.

Today we are talking about Baba as “abhokta”. Dadi Janki used to say that we all have to become abhokta. The last stage is when there is no attachment, that means abhokta. That is the stage where one doesn't experience joy or sorrow, you are beyond. I remember one time I had a lot of experiences, and I kept talking about a blissful stage, bliss, anand. All these gurus, their last name is Paramanand, Vishwanand, Anand. That means they have gone beyond the temporary experiences of sorrow and happiness. So, our purity will help us. We not only become conquerors of attachment, but also abhokta. We are very much experienced or sensitive to what we take in from our organs, from my eyes, my ears, my mouth. In our yogi life, a time or the stage will happen where we are beyond the influence of the senses. You must have seen Dadi Janki when she came to Peace Village or even otherwise, she used to be quite serious. When I met her, she always used to talk about tapasya. We used to say, “Why do you always have to tell us that?'' We used to make her light and smile, she was very serious in her efforts. You all know in the end, how she used to laugh like a little child. She used to laugh, and we would look at her and we would also keep laughing. Internally, she was so free from everything, no bondage. She was so joyful. She wouldn't miss anything, she used to enjoy everything.

So, this whole thing of awareness and detachment is the stage of abhokta. I think, to a certain percentage, we all have that. Before coming to knowledge, we were so much with the body, the organs, and now we are very much beyond, compared to when we began our journey. That is becoming the abhokta stage. Of course, Shiv Baba doesn't have a body, but when he comes in the body of Brahma, I think you all must be aware that Baba didn't accept anything. If Shiv Baba was in his body, he wouldn't accept garland, he wouldn't accept food, nothing. So, when Brahma Baba was eating, Shiv Baba was not there. Once we were playing cricket with Baba and he stopped and said, “With whom are you playing?” We said, “Baba. No, Bapdada, mother and father.” So, immediately we used to say, “Oh, now Shiv Baba is in him”. Many times, he would stop and then ask, and as soon as he asked, we knew that Shiv Baba is now in Brahma Baba. It seemed like Baba came for a few minutes, gave us drishti, then disappeared. That drishti, that recognition, was very special, this also happened when Baba would walk, Shiv Baba would come into his body and use it in a unique way. The way Shiv Baba used Brahma Baba's body, Brahma Baba started using his body in the same way. So, Brahma Baba also knew what is to be abhokta. He was very loving, giving love, receiving love, but still, he was beyond.

Generally, when it comes to love, there is always some kind of sorrow. That's why Baba says loving and detached, detached and loving. If you are not detached, only loving, then there is sorrow. So, one has to be detached, and that I knew that Brahma Baba learned from Shiv Baba. So, we look at Brahma Baba and follow Brahma Baba. We say that we also have to become abhokta. In abhokta stage, there is no karmic bondage. You have a relationship with the body, with matter, but there is no bondage. The relationship is there because the soul is in the body, and the soul is using the body all the time, but the body is not pulling. That means that the sanskars have become neutral sanskars, very pure sanskars. So, when sanskars are pure, then the body, the sense organs, don’t pull us. So, purity is very deeply connected with being abhokta. Baba is ever pure. What we accept, what we eat, everything, our sharing, giving to the body is completely pure. Then if it is in remembrance of Baba, then definitely it is very pure. One of the main important aspects of the life of Brahma Baba was that he was in remembrance, sweet and lovely remembrance of Shiv Baba. That was so visible on his face, a very sweet smile. He knew that Shiv Baba was with him, so he became not only victorious, but his face was bringing courage to us also. Anytime anything happened, we would look at Baba. Baba smiled. With his carefree stage, he was telling us, “It's going to be okay, it will be okay.” That's what Baba’s drishti always tells us. The same should be with us. I am okay. Keep everyone okay. I should be happy and everyone else also should be happy with me. Are you all happy with me? Is anyone not happy? Is anyone annoyed? No? Is everyone happy? Are you all happy with each other? That's very good. It's not only that I have to be happy, but everyone else should be happy with me. If someone is not happy with me, I can't be happy. It's not possible, it's not real, because the vibrations of the other soul who is not happy will keep disturbing me subtly.

So, everyone should be happy. We all should be happy. That's what the aim is. Abhokta means the stage of being ever loving, ever happy, ever light. Whenever Dadi Janki would sit with all of us, the first thing she would ask was, “Are you all light with me?” “Is there anything in your mind for me?” So, this way, you can earn the blessings of Baba and everyone. It's very important. So, somebody said, “Baba, there might be a few souls.” Baba said, “No.” Once with Dadi Gulzar, I was sitting with her and she asked me, “Do you think everyone is satisfied with you?” So, I said maybe one or two. So, Dadi said, 'You should talk to them and say,’ What can I do so that you are satisfied with me?' The vibrations of anyone can be a very subtle disturbance. We all have to be happy, we all have to have contentment, we all have to be loving. So, when the “abhokta” stage emerges, that will be the experience. So, we have to follow our Father.

Om Shanti


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