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Go beyond sound #4

Stay_in_AvyaktSilence4                   Mohini_Didi                    January 4, 2023   

Om Shanti!

Happy Satguruvaar to everyone! It’s an indication of being in Avyakti Parivar, present, that you are well. It’s nice to meet each one of you. On the computer I hear, after reading Murli or class, they say if you have a question, put it in the chat box. So, we have a chat box inside. I was saying that inside the chat box there are always little questions and thoughts. You have to look into the chat box. Maybe we think that I don’t have any thoughts, but check your chat box. So, it's a good practice. I had been very sincerely, honestly following homework because I feel that if God is with us at this time as a Teacher, then I have to be a good student, which I love to be. One of the qualities of a good student is doing homework. So, I don’t miss a single day, and we have the whole day with a lot of attention on taking care of the Yagya, karma yoga, but also Avyakti silence. I am seeing where the burden emerges and where I have to unload all that. I think you all must be doing your homework. It's only then you feel you are moving forward. If you don’t do homework, I know everything, it’s all right, keep busy in just intellectual service, but it's important. Now in this room at this time there is no sound, nobody is saying anything, only I am speaking, but if you look inside, is there any sound? Is the chat box empty or is there something? So, what is the Avyakt signal for our practice for tomorrow? You will see how layer after layer, and very subtly, there are so many things we need to work on ourselves. So, Baba is saying that in order to experience the Angelic stage, every day for me, the definition of being Angel is changing. I used to think this is what it is to be an Angel, but today, when you hear it you will feel that this is the stage I need to attain. In order to experience the Angelic stage, stop coming into sound in a moment. So, the outside sound might stop, but what about the inside sound? Some or other sound continues, but if it needs to be stopped, it should be stopped, inside and outside. In a moment, stop discussing something because, you are saying it first to yourself, you pause, and then you want to really hear it or stop it. Lots of experiences like if you had been helping a soul, discussing certain things, then when the discussion finishes, a lot of thoughts come in. Stop it. Does it stop? Does it happen? Sometimes I do experience this. So, that’s what Baba is saying, to stop discussing something or stop staying in any type of atmosphere. Whatever was the energy at that time, whatever the surroundings, go beyond. Stop all thoughts in a second, go beyond sound and stabilize yourself in your detached Angelic stage. 

Generally, we say ‘detached observer’. Today Baba said ‘detached Angelic stage’. One moment be a karma yogi, one moment be an Angel, that is, experience Avyakt silence and stay beyond sound. I have been really churning on Avyakt silence. Silence which is making me Avyakt. A lot of people stay in silence for days or months. Many saints, sages, they stay in the mountains and they don’t talk for a year or two, but is that making them Avyakt? So, where should my power of silence be? In becoming Avyakt. So, I like word Avyakti silence, stay beyond sound. This practice will make you victorious in your last paper. Dadi Gulzar always used to say, if you say if this doesn’t happen, then I will be like this or if this happens I will be, until last moment there will be a situation and if you have the habit to go beyond situation. In Hindi we say “baat”. “Baat” means matter. Something or other will always be there. So, she used to say, “Ant tak baat to rahegi”. The way she used to say I still remember. Some matter, some concern, some this or that but then I won’t pass with honor. If my thoughts are engaged, my intellect is engaged in that, and I am not with Baba. And that’s how we look at Brahma Baba when he left body he didn’t tell Dadi Prakashmani take care of yagya, you should be responsible. He just gave his hand in her hand, and he became Angel because deeply within Baba used to say I will also go but this is Baba’s yagya, it will continue. So, how he was completely beyond sound or anything and beautifully he flew. Because if there is anything then even the Angel is like, Angel has wings, but they have some birds with clutches, claws, somewhere they get stuck. It shouldn’t happen that way. So, that’s why practice is very important. Do it seriously, sincerely. Its not question of time, its just love for Baba, respect for Baba, respect for my teacher. My teacher gives homework, oh I did, or I read Murli. We do it how I want. Respect for teacher is do what teacher is saying at this time. And for me Avyakt signal is like this is what teacher at present is teaching us. That’s what I can just recommend and request. Let all of us do because then our stage kind of alliance will happen. There was a big alliance of Angels, everyone thinks that way, everyone sees that way, everyone talks that way then there is no problem everyone. And that is how Dadis used to match with us, and we used to match with Dadis. If similar thoughts are coming. Dadi Janki used to say I was supposed to call you yesterday, but I was sending you thought, and I thought I will call you tomorrow, you must have got my vibrations, now we can talk in brief. If I wouldn’t have done that we would have taken longer on phone to talk. And I realized its true that how if we follow with Dadis properly or with Bapdada there is a kind of alliance amongst ourselves where you don’t have to argue, convince, try to say, explain. Kind of similar touchings, similar feelings. Just imagine that is how when they lifted this mountain, one finger Krishna did like this, everyone did, it got lifted. But if one by one they do, after ten minutes, another do, so how will mountain be lifted. Not even a piece of stone will be lifted. This whole our practice in stage is the main tool to be together and think about as Baba said specially now is not the time to give message but experience. So, I had been talking to sister what that means. So, that’s how we will continue and see we can do something. 

Om Shanti


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