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Give support to those who are weak #23

Updated: Feb 26

Sweetness_and_Love_23                 Mohini_Didi                February 23, 2024  

Om Shanti!

Greetings from Shantivan. I don’t know how many of you can imagine what is going on here. Amazingly, 24 hours in every complex, every building has activity. You all must have heard that we have the Manmohini complex, then we also have many big buildings. If they build 500 capacity in the hall, it’s not enough. There is training going on. This weekend is youth training. Bhatti’s are going on, and most important is our annual meeting of the national coordinators and center coordinators, there about 500. That is happening in the Manmohini complex. One thing I find is that there is so much love. I was telling one of the brothers, you all don’t have to decorate that much, you don’t have to do what you are all doing. He said that once a year the double foreigners come, and we want to see not only they are comfortable but they are taken care of properly. I will see if it’s possible, maybe Bhumi bhen can take some photos of the decorations and show you all. They are so beautiful. I asked who did it, and it’s our brothers. Small cottages, big reception, and most importantly one of the buildings in Manmohini complex dining area. They took me into each dining room and then there was the food with chili, no chili, vegan, gluten free, so many types of herbal tea, regular tea, everything, everything is there. You all also get all of this if you stay in Gyansarovar. 

So it’s really amazing. I look at the place, I look at the chairs, those who are serving with the gloves and blue color aprons. I know there was a time where they use to say it’s very difficult to bring food from Shantivan to Manmohini complex and now they make hot corn chapati, millet chapati, everyday they send us three or four types of millet, salt and sweet. They want us to see what they are making, to taste it, and all the double foreigners sitting there, it feels like a reception. I haven’t gone, but I have seen the president of India, she hosted a lot of dinners, and they had been also using a lot of millet, chutneys, everything from millet. So we thank Baba, everyone is happy and enjoying the Confluence Age right? So what we learned from that is that our love should also be limitless like the sevadharies here. Our hospitality for all those who come to visit us could be similar. So I wanted to share some news. You all must be tempted to come. We will show you some of the things, I will ask someone to make a short video. Would you like to see? How many of you would like to see? 

Now Baba says that true service can happen through our Dhristi, through our face, through our eyes. Then whichever quality or virtue is required, that virtue is not only your personality but it’s a kind of energy that creates attitude. So, it’s not only good wishes but further then Baba is saying “Give support to those who are weak”. It always happens, even as a student, you have five subjects, and you might be good in four, not in one. So, Baba wants us to support that weak soul. Baba says to give support to those who are weak, let everyone experience light on your forehead, and the power of spirituality in your eyes. Let them experience sweetness on your face, and a smile on your face. It’s only through this that BapDada and his task will be revealed. That means, while being Karma yogi, you should be very happy, in love with Baba so that it reveals God’s task. So now make intense effort and give cooperation to one another, make them move forward, give support to those who are weak, and create such a gathering. Everyone should be happy, everyone should feel internally content, everyone should feel supported, not rejected, not criticized. Everyone is a beautiful soul of Baba and is a worthy child. Maybe because of some sanskar from the past, that soul is not able to have all the strength or virtues. Virtues cannot be given through words, right? Baba says that it is through your face, through your Drishti, because then you are a practical example for that. So, I have been listening, reading every morning and internally taking it, how do we serve, what is true service? Yesterday someone said, “Oh you should read Murli.” I said that I have a little bit of difficulty. Why should you read Murli? Every word spoken inspires us to inculcate, because when we have inculcation and we tell someone, then there is the impact of that. So the sweetness and spirituality of a smile. Today, the whole day, just be that image of power, so that you are a support for others. Brahma Baba with Shiv Baba knew exactly what we needed. He would look at the child in such a way that the soul will start experiencing love and power both. So, it’s very interesting how we do service. I think it’s a subtle way but very powerful. So we will do that today.

Om Shanti


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