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Give Others the Experience Of Your Avyakti Stage #20

Become_an_Avyakt_Angel_20 Mohini Didi April 20, 2023

Om Shanti Everyone!

Happy Satguruvaar! This month we had been practicing according to Avyakt signals, the stage of being an angel. Everyday Baba explains some points. Today Avyakt Bapdada was saying that even the blessings that a lokik guru will give, they will only say “be wealthy”, and it's more physical wealth. Now you children have the treasure of knowledge, treasure of virtues, treasure of powers, and that brings contentment. It’s not that if you have physical wealth, you will have contentment. There will be contentment sometimes, and sometimes you won’t be content. Today, Baba is saying that when Avyakt Bapdada comes, there are ten to twenty thousand Baba’s children, but as soon as Baba comes, the whole atmosphere becomes Avyakt. Everyone just takes drishti from Baba, and goes beyond body consciousness, the mind is in silence. I think we all have that experience. Even now, these days when we go to Madhuban, even if they just play the video, as soon as there is the presence of Baba, Baba comes on video, the whole atmosphere changes and we do feel avyakt at that time. So, Baba says if Baba can do that, you children have to do it also. It’s very interesting because if you are in deep silence or you are in your subtle stage, as soon as you go in front either in the class or in the audience, you really feel the whole atmosphere changes. If you go to a joyful stage, whatever your stage is, you can create that type of atmosphere. What Baba wants actually is for us to have an Avyakt angelic stage. Baba says that in one eye there should be the perfect stage, in another eye, your future kingdom, what you have to become tomorrow. What we are today, and what we have to become tomorrow. I’m sure that most of you have been to Madhuban and must have experienced that when Avyakt Bapdada comes, there is total silence. One time there was a spiritual leader from somewhere, and he said he had to get up and look around to see if the people were there or not. There was so much silence as if nobody was there. So, if Baba’s presence can do that, Baba wants our presence also to create this. So, it’s a beautiful direction that Baba is giving. Our homework for the day will be to be in that avyakt stage and keep practicing from time to time. Are you able to take others into the avyakt stage? Are you able to create that avyakt atmosphere and change the atmosphere completely? We have to see if we have that stage. Do we have that practice? Are we able to do that? So, that is the avyakt signal and homework for today.

Om Shanti


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