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Give happiness to everyone #11

Give_Blessings_Receive_Blessings_11 Mohini_Didi November 11, 2023

Om Shanti!

Diwali festival brings happiness and joy to everyone. There is so much happiness and so much celebration because there is victory over evil, so that goodness can prevail. The symbolic figure of vices is shown as Ravan, so they burn the effigy of Ravan. They showed that Lord Rama was the one who was able to kill Ravan, who had 10 heads, so it was not easy. He will blow off one and it will come back. So, it's five vices here, they conquered, they came back but finally he was killed, and Rama was victorious. The coronation of Lord Rama followed his victory. They say that there was victory in every home and every home was celebrating that victory. It was not the coronation of Lord Rama, but of everyone of Baba’s children. Then, they gave the tilak of victory on the forehead. So, there is a lot of joy. You all know one of the important elements of a joyful life is wealth, money, Laxmi, because you can’t buy anything without money. So, it's not that money is everything, but money can definitely buy what you want, and it does bring some happiness. Today, Baba is saying to give everyone happiness. What way do you give happiness? One of the ways they celebrate is by lighting candles, or they light earthen lamps. An earthen lamp is a lamp of clay called a diya. For two weeks or 10 days, they have to soak them in the water so that when they are ready to use the oil in that clay little pot, it can remain lit for a longer time. This is a symbol of the body which is also of clay, and it is this soul within that clay that ignites and brings the light. Otherwise it's not that the body is conscient, no. It is this soul within the body that makes the body do actions, move around. So actually, there is the combination of soul and body. It never happens that the flame in the light of the soul extinguishes, never. It's so beautiful, Baba is saying to give everyone happiness. Now that everyone celebrates, there are so many stories. They see a poor boy not wearing new clothes, not having that happiness, this poor boy. So, they give that boy some fireworks or some sweets and it brings a lot of happiness. Some will look at them and say, “Oh, he's so poor, don't allow him to even come in.” So, it is very interesting when Baba talks about how many blessings you receive from the hearts of others. Then these are accumulated and your effort becomes very easy. When you have blessings and those blessings are accumulated, you'll never have obstacles and you will remain free. Baba says to constantly continue to increase the charity that you give from your service. You are on the road and somebody helps you and gives directions, then you reach home safely. You will immediately think, “Oh that person was so good, he gave directions, so I could reach home in time.” So, continue to give everyone happiness, and you receive many blessings. You receive many blessings by giving blessings. These blessings are added in your marks for your effort. This still needs deep churning, at least I find that it does. Then within a day, when you are churning, you start relating to the same words but in a completely different way.

Om Shanti

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