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Free from worry #4

Updated: Mar 9

Become_a_Carefree_Emperor_4       Mohini_Didi                   March 4, 2024

Om Shanti Baba’s carefree kings!

A king is king because of treasures. What does he do with the treasures? He takes care of the subjects. For any reason, if there is not a good harvest, if there is not enough food or anything, then the king is the one who provides. The king is the one who opens the treasures as a bestower. Each one of us should be full of all attainments. You can check your treasure store, if there is enough love, enough peace, enough knowledge. If I am a king, that means there are so many subjects, and subjects always depend on and are sustained by the kings, so the king's treasure store should be full. 

When there is fullness, then there is no sorrow, there is no worry. If there is sorrow and worry, that means you are impure. If the treasure store is not full, there is sorrow and worry, because of lack of fullness. We know, any problems come, any concerns are there, then we also know that last kalpa we were victorious. We were carefree. We were able to be free from worry. We were conquerors. As soon as you remember all that, then you won’t have any worry, you won’t have any sorrow. Drama is fixed. If you believe that drama is fixed, then you have faith. When you have faith, you will not be worried about anything. Whenever I ask in class, who is without worry, who never worries? Generally, I see hands. There are concerns, there are worries, but still there is no worry. Baba says that a problem is not a new thing for you. Last kalpa, we had problems, we became victorious. It is nothing new. You have been victorious many times, eternally. You cannot count. You now have the knowledge of sorrow and to be without sorrow. Victory is guaranteed in the drama, so always stay in a stage that is free from worry, then you will be called the emperor of the land without sorrow.  Victory is ordained in drama every kalpa, God’s victory. They burn the effigy of Ravan. Victory is with you. Once you have victory, then there is no sorrow.  There is no problem. That should be our stage. It is not that in the end you will become that, or in the Golden Age you will become that, no. Now is the time to become full. When you are full, you are carefree.

Om Shanti


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