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Free From The Bondages of the Body, Sanskars and Nature #12

Liberation_in_Life_12                         Mohini_Didi                   December 12, 2023

Om Shanti!

Everyone, okay, well? Very well! Since this morning, I have been thinking about Brahma Baba. How did he manage to keep his body well? Definitely one of the important factors was his yoga with Baba. Baba says that there are some karmic accounts that you have to settle, and the best way to settle is through remembrance. So, I am thinking now how to remain more and more merged in Baba’s remembrance so that the body not only gets power, but very subtle karmic accounts from the past can also be cut away. They can be burnt. Yoga is a fire, we need to burn all our past. It is very subtle. They could manifest in the form of some pain in the body. Plus, all the elements are tamoguni. So Baba is calling it bondage of the body. Baba remembered Shiv Baba while doing every action, and I think especially while eating. The food is cooked from nature, and when we give it to the body, in Baba’s remembrance, I am sure it could help. I know that sometimes we have attention, sometimes I forget even. So, since this morning I have been really thinking more and more about just silence, remembrance of Baba. We do actions as karma yogis, we speak when necessary, but more and more remembrance of Baba is important. Of course, the bodiless stage can help, but remembrance is very important. So Baba is talking about freedom from the bondages of the body, of sanskars, then nature. There are some, they always stay happy. They laugh  and they are happy, good sanskars. Some are sulking, weeping, and very quickly go up and down. We have to be very careful with that. 

Baba is saying that the Father takes the loan of the body and does not come into the bondage. He comes when He wants and then He goes away when He wants. He is free from bondage. In the same way, you children also have to become free from the bondages of the body. So we bless each other with good health. Whatever sanskars you want, whenever you want, make the body function, however you want, you create whatever nature you want. Do not just say that my nature is like that, my sanskar is like that. What can I do? Become free from the bondage. Sister Bhumi is telling the cough not to come, now I have to see why it comes. Everyone’s love, everyone’s good wishes keep helping, but everything takes time. It will go away. I like once Dadi Gulzar had some kind of itching in the body that was very severe. So, I called her when I heard. She said, “It has come, and it will go.” I always remember that. Once we are not allowing our mind to be tired, it is tiring for the body, but it should not affect the mind. Looking at all of you helps me a lot. The family is with me. I have to speak, so it is going to be okay. We need this freedom.

Om Shanti

QA with Mohini Didi

Q: It's a really interesting Avyakti signal to come into the body, when you want to, take the loan of the body like Baba. I was remembering what you were saying a few days ago about Brahma Baba that he was in the hospital & he was still reading the Murli. 

Did you see when he had illness how he dealt with it? 

A: I saw that he was resting in the bed and suddenly he called one of the sisters because children were waiting for the Murli. I will dictate Murli and you write. So Baba spoke the Murli,  she kept writing it, and immediately sent it to Madhuban so it could be read to everyone. For me, Avyakti Parivar has become like that now. No that there is Avyakti signal, but I definitely churn a little bit on that and experience it. As I said, I have been thinking about Brahma Baba and how he managed his body very well even when he was 80+, 90+. Do not be tired of your own body. I think it is a lot of love, care, good vibrations, and the right kind of food also. 

Q: So one of the things that Baba was saying in Sunday’s Murli was the achievement in Brahmin life is happiness. There has been a very long study of happiness in Harvard over many decades. It started with 600-700 people and  it has expanded to many thousands of people now. One thing they said is that people go after health thinking they will be happy. What actually brings health is happiness. So, I was wondering when you saw Brahma Baba, he must have faced so many situations. How did he keep himself happy?

A: Brahma Baba was always happy. I think because of his faith, because when there is faith there is victory. He was really a detached observer, watching everything, even during Mama’s time. It was very difficult because we all thought that after Baba, Mama would be the leader. Also, all internal activities, administration, obstacles, or whatever had to be done with children, Mama used to do it. Baba’s body was old and Mama’s was young. Suddenly Mama’s body was not well and then she left the body. Immediately Baba said, “Brahma Baba is your mother, and Brahma Baba will take care of you.” So, how quickly he just changed it. It was a big thing. He made it like, it’s a scene of Drama, it’s over. So I think being a detached observer, he was able to hold on to his intoxication, faith, his happiness. So, he was always cheerful. See when you are cheerful, then you are enthusiastic, and once the enthusiasm is lost, you are flat. That means you don’t want to do anything, you are not creative. You know enthusiasm is also connected with happiness. Do you ever get sad?

A:  Not really. Maybe a few years ago, not recently.

Q: That’s very good, so what keeps you happy?

A: Murli,connection with the family, connection with the seniors. I love Murl and yoga of course, Amritvela. I was very curious about your experience like you were saying today you were eating in remembrance. Tell us your experience, because I have not been able to eat in remembrance, my mind just wanders. 

A: I want to pay more attention. I generally don’t talk because you know because our every thought, whatever we swallow, each breath takes the vibrations. So, if I am in remembrance, what food is going in the body? Also, to have very powerful remembrance, means powerful vibrations. So we should always remember that thoughts have vibrations. So give to your body very powerful, loveful, and peaceful vibrations. 

Q: I like what you were sharing when you were here when you were coughing you said that it is the signal from the elements to be silent.

A: Yea, with age, nature does indicate to talk less. I remember with Dadi Janki, the Doctors asked her not to talk, and she said, “No, I can’t stop it.” Whatever she used to churn, she wanted to give. Until the end, she just wanted to give what she was churning. 

Q: It is interesting my experience of you being here, that you have certain qualities of all the Dadis. Like you have the churning power of Dadi Janki, the introversion of Dadi Gulzar, and the love of Dadi Kumarka. So they must be all behind you giving you power to do what you are doing.

A: Not only power but they are carrying me, carrying and caring. I always feel they are holding my hand and I am able to walk step by step. So, I am thinking for January. 

One morning, I woke up with this thought of seven eternal qualities of soul, to come into relationship and family, like Baba came to establish a new world. So, we should always remember that. We also have to create that new energy, new family, new world constantly. So, maybe we will focus on it in the month of January. 

Om Shanti

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