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Free from the bondages of extroversion #13

Liberation_in_Life_13                    Mohini _Didi                December 13, 2023

Om Shanti Everyone!  

Is everyone ok? Well? Brahma Baba must have constantly served nature. His vibrations, his pure thoughts, and pure energy must be sustaining nature, because he was so pure. Anytime we speak ordinary words or criticize anyone, he would start coughing. Didi Manmohini used to tell us that if you have to come to Baba, talk about good things, be very positive, then you can sit for half an hour, and Baba won't cough. So we all have to see how we can create the atmosphere,  let's experiment. I said that Baba is my Companion and I am a detached observer with Baba. I don't remember much about Brahma Baba. Sometimes Baba took us for a walk, took us in the kitchen. I spent a lot of time with Didi Manmohini and Dadi Prakashmani, because Mama left the body. I had to be careful because Didi always said that whatever you speak should be blessings for the soul. One time there was one sister, she always used to be negative like, “Why are you never well?” So then she got sick. I must have mentioned, “Oh, now you got sick too.” Didi said, “You can’t say this.” I asked, “What is wrong with that?” She said, "You are reminding to that soul about the weakness of that soul, or the mistake that soul made”. Taking someone in the past where someone has done something wrong is also not considered to be blessings, It is very subtle. So, I was thinking that if I am with God all the time as a companion, then my thoughts, words, and actions definitely will be words of blessings, or I won’t say anything. As God-Baba just gives drishti and actually through drishti He has a lot of conversations. He listens to what is going on in the heart or the mind of that soul but also keeps giving a lot of blessings, a lot of good wishes. 

I just tried three or four minutes here. When you are a companion, you are a detached observer, you will remain quiet but then it depends on the person, some are very extroverted. In front of seniors, you don't say anything generally, but some do. Baba says, in order to become complete, become free from the bondage of extroversion. Why is Baba calling it bondage? It is one of the organs of the body, senses of the body which pulls us for reactions. You might not need it, you don't have to say it, but still we say it. So to be victorious, Maya always makes us act through senses, right? So actually it's a very good practice we all should do, be with Baba and be a detached observer and see what Baba would think and say. Sometimes it is okay to be quiet and silent. The sweetness of extroversion attracts you very much externally. So we have to observe which sense organ you are not able to control? It pulls us for action, even if it's not necessary. Especially if Baba is saying something. If it's not necessary, why do you have to say it? So Baba says that this sweetness of extrovertness, when you do actions, becomes a subtle bondage. Some of the bondages don't allow us to uplift ourselves. It distances you from your goal of success. If you are worried about how I look, or do I speak, what do I say? Just do not speak wasteful or ordinary words. Speak less, speak slowly, sweetly and speak words of happiness. 

These days there is a lot of subtle sadness and a lot of people get bored. So how do we speak to them, so they can continue with courage? Become free from words that disturb others and become free from anger. Our own frustration about certain things, disappointment from some expectations, create a state of mind, and when we think and speak, we radiate that stage. So we have to just see how we can be enthusiastic, loveful, peaceful, and knowledgeable. So, it's not a question of not doing or doing what is right, but also internally my energy should be such. Sometimes I find that we are very influenced by what had happened in the past or any type of circumstances, and we don't realise that I'm thinking because of that influence. So it's a chain reaction. There are seven qualities of the original nature of the soul. As much as possible, try to create a state of mind of one of the qualities, so it's not coming from circumstances or the atmosphere. When you interact with someone, don't create a bondage, but create a loveful relationship. As we have been making efforts for quite a while, our stage of perfection should be visible. There should be introversion, you are cheerful, and your inner face is full, complete. You're not pulled by anything external. So, I like it very much, to be Baba's companion and detached observer, so that we are naturally introverted. 

Om Shanti 

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