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Fly And Continue To Make Others Fly #17

Increase_Account_of_Accumulation_17 Mohini_Didi March 17, 2023

Om Shanti Everyone!

I feel so happy to see all of you. It must be Baba’s blessings for all of us and Avyakti Parivar that we are able to meet, see each other, share dhristi, Baba’s love. stay together and stay well blessed all the time. Baba is coming on the 20th. They say that when flame is ignited then all the moths from all over come to sacrifice themselves and it feels like that here.

Baba keeps saying whenever there is any situation to fly and come and sit in my lap. When we understand something then we practice it and then we receive power through the practice. If you share with others their power definitely works. That is why Baba says combine the power of your thinking and words together. One is to believe something, to think about something and the other is to actually experience it and use that power. When you say it with experience it has an impact.

Today our homework is that our treasure stock has become empty and Baba says now you earn and you save. The first thing we had to have was the degrees of purity. We were 16 degrees when we began our journey in this world. Gradually by changing our costumes our purity decreases. Very gradually body consciousness increases and then all the vices. When the degrees of vices are increasing then on the other side insolvency, bankruptcy or emptiness begins. A simple example is if you haven't been able to eat lunch or breakfast and are hungry, your stomach is empty, so you look around, whatever you find you eat. You keep eating, because when you are hungry you take anything. Same is when there is emptiness within the soul. The mind picks up defects of others, criticism, comparison, ego. Emptiness creates body consciousness and body consciousness creates bad habits. We just take anything in mind and it becomes our habit.

Now at confluence age, Baba gives us knowledge and recognition of who we are, what we were originally and what are we becoming now. Baba gives a simple example of “Hum so, so Hum”, I have to be what I was. In other words I was completely pure, I was 16 degrees, all virtues, completely viceless. We have to fill all those powers so my bank account is full. One experiment I would suggest is looking at situations, the need at this time and which power I need. Immediately knowing the need of the time you use the power and when you use the power that is where also you gain power. You accumulate the power in the sense when you are hungry and at the right time then you eat the right type of food. When you eat the right type of food then your energy increases. You are now saving. We have to look at the comparison of when your treasure store is empty or your treasure store is full. We want to keep it full. In the lokik world, it is also very normal to keep enough stock of salt, grains, beans and vegetables to be ready at the time of emergency, to be sensible. If something happens whether it is floods, civil war, anything happens, you don’t have to run out. The stock is something very important for emergencies. Then your mind will not be worried, you will be beastower because you could share with others. Baba has been giving everyday some explanation about how to remain full. Sometimes Baba said to use power. Sometimes Baba says don’t use power, because we are losing by using. Sometimes we use it because we are accumulating. Today Baba said you should increase your love then they bring more. Sometimes they have to make so much effort to remember Baba or to have relationships with Baba. Some find it very easy, very simple. They do it with love for Baba.

I hope that within these few days and weeks you all must have almost made your stock full. Little by little the whole day we are saving. Baba’s children, children of God, can never say I don’t know how to do this, I don’t have enough knowledge, enough power. Baba has given us all the powers and all the virtues so let us pay attention to accumulation.

Om Shanti

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