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Finish the Queue of "Why" #1

Determined_Thought_1 Mohini_Didi February 1, 2023

Om Shanti Everyone!

We want to have a determined thought and we promise that through our perfect form, our stage, we will reveal Baba. Sometimes, whatever is happening in the world, I look at Baba, Shiv Baba, Brahma Baba, how they are stable, immovable. There is so much sorrow in the world, but Baba doesn't feel that sorrow. So, how are they able to be Detached Observers? They are able to be stable, because we see any scene or any soul playing a part, not according to Shrimat and we know that something could happen to them. Subtle thoughts come. Baba is saying to have a determined thought, to accept whatever is happening in Drama. Everything is accurate in the sense of karmic accounts and the part within the Drama, and then we don't question it. What will happen? Why is all this happening? Something is happening in the world, but also within the Godly family also. This question of why comes, and then ‘because’ comes. Yesterday we took this determined thought not to have wasteful thoughts, but as soon as we say ‘why’, there is a long queue of thoughts. So, deeply accepting everything as it is, we'll keep our energy very high and very stable. Many times it happens that things look like a crisis, or we call it a storm, and a gift emerges from there. So, have firm faith that Baba is responsible for me. I belong to Baba. This body also is for Baba’s seva, Baba’s service. So, how to keep every thought full of love, full of faith? Yes, in your intellect, you are very firm, but deep within, there are some subtle thoughts of anxiety or fear. To experience God's help, you need to be strong. So, how to keep elevated thoughts, thoughts of victory, courage, and total faith in Baba? Of course, as Baba said, accurate Drama. Accurate means not necessarily what I would like, but what is happening. Whatever is happening and will be happening, Baba said that it will be good.

So, this determined thought is very important. That means I promise that I will not use the word ‘why’. When the stage is unshakable; emotionally, spiritually, in the heart, in the mind, just love for Baba, faith in Drama, then the stage is like I have to be number one like Brahma Baba. So, I have to look at Brahma Baba. How to make my stage very powerful? I have to reveal Baba. One is looking at Baba as unshakable, steady, and we use the word for God, Baba is “SadaShiv”, always benevolent, always merciful. So that is like a consistent Donor, always giving blessings. That is one of the most important qualities of God that we all need to inculcate. Every day, I will take one of the main qualities of God. So I will start with Satyam Shivam Sundaram Truth. God is Almighty. He is Knowledgeful because of Truth, and truth is knowledge. When Baba comes, He gives us knowledge about the soul, Supreme Soul, about the Cycle, because body and body consciousness was all false, this physical identity, whom we thought “I am”. We never had thought, "I am a soul”, but as soon as we came to Baba, the first lesson we learned was “I am a soul”. “I am a pure soul”. Not only a soul, but a pure soul.

So, reach to the climax, that is, the stage of perfection to reveal Baba, internally no ‘why’, no wasteful thoughts, but living the life of Truth. All the time this awareness, “I am a pure soul”, “I am a pure soul”. “I am a loveful soul”. “I am a peaceful soul”. All eternal qualities of the soul, all that is Truth. I have to believe what Baba has told me. Sometimes, there is no love, no, “I am a loveful soul”, emerge it, emerge it, emerge it. I am not peaceful but yes keep saying, “I am a peaceful soul, I am a peaceful soul”. I thought it’s an easy practice, very powerful, and there won't be a margin also then for ‘why’ and ‘what’. So, practice one of the virtues of God Shiva, “Baba is Truth”, and that truth is about my own self first. While speaking, I am really feeling, that's what I would want to do, that I follow the truth. What is the truth? You are a soul, I am a soul. You are peaceful, I am peaceful. Don't question, don't say ‘why’. Internally, just say, “Yes, I accept, this is their part, this is Drama.” So, very subtly doubt, anxiety, and fears can emerge in a very subtle way. Just imagine, when the power of purity emerges, what does purity do? Everything, and in this way, I will stay close to Baba also. Baba is the One who is Ever Truth. So the power and the strength that I need to be not only in awareness, but will come from Baba through remembrance. So remembrance will increase, all thoughts will be pure thoughts, the power of Truth. There will be more and more power from that truth, and I see many benefits from this practice. We have a lot within us, there's sometimes for a while what we call “vismruti”, we forget. So we have to remind ourselves then again in simple words, “Oh, I am I am a truthful pure soul”. The truth is that I am a soul. The truth is that I am a pure soul.

So, to be like Baba, to glorify Baba, to reveal Baba, we will be in soul consciousness. This is possible when I do the dharna that I am a soul, not a body. Dharna is acceptance, and accepting is not defeat, actually it is power that makes you stable. If someone says something and I say, “Okay, I did it, it's my mistake, I am sorry, it's not a defeat, it's acceptance of whatever everyone's part is. Otherwise, we will spend whatever time we have in the rest of Brahman life just questioning. If you want your stage like Brahma Baba and of course Shiv Baba, just imagine, keep thinking about how Baba is watching. We saw how Brahma Baba watched everything. So now we are in the month of February, and we have to reveal Baba. Some of us might not be able to give lectures on Shivratri, but through our thoughts, through awareness, we can do a lot of service. Many souls will be served through our attitude and vibrations. They will naturally be pulled towards Shiv Baba. There are many souls who will also receive the power, and that is the “Power of Truth”. Our unshakable stage will be support and cooperation for many souls, and of course, we will be a big support for the Yagya also. So, I'm inspired that this is what we will do for Shiv Jayanti, for this month. Baba used to say that there are many who will give a speech, there are many who will hoist the flag, they can be ‘mikes’, and you can be ‘might’. So, let me keep this thought that “I will be the might for everyone, whatever they are doing” Collectively, we will serve through our thoughts, words, and actions.

Om Shanti

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