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Finish Attachment To Your Body #8

Stay_in_AvyaktSilence8            Mohini_Didi.            January 8, 2024

Om Shanti!

Everyone keeping your bodies well? No attachment? It's true that if you are attached to the body, you cannot give power to your own body. Dadi Gulzar had a beautiful role to play as ‘chariot of Baba’.  She always had this thought that this chariot is for service and as long as Baba can use this chariot, that long I want to live, not just to live, for what? One time someone asked me, what are the facilities you have for old people? I told them how in Baba’s Yagya even when you are old, because you have a lot of experience and you have good vibrations, whether it is at centre or in a brahmin household, we like them to be there. Their presence is very important.  Even living in an old body, our Dadis will just be sitting even if they don't do anything, they’re just being with us, because the experience, the power, the vibrations are always very helpful. 

Baba had been talking a little bit on the body and body consciousness. The whole cycle, drama is the interplay of soul and nature. Baba is beyond cycle, taking birth, leaving the body. Being in the cycle is what soul and nature do, if that doesn't happen there is no drama. It's very interesting to understand love and respect for nature, but no attachment. 

Someone asked, when do I come to know that it's not only I have love, but now I have attachment? It happens, as you love someone then that gradually becomes attachment, but Baba says ‘no’. As soon as there is sorrow, that means there is attachment. I lost something, I didn't get something. A heaviness comes with attachment. With love there will be good feelings of belonging. You have to have loveful vibrations for the body, not attachment but loveful vibrations because the vibrations are what will help the body. I remember one time Baba said, when your body is not well, don't get fed up with it. (Tang mat ho. Apne sharir se tang mat ho.) Be a trustee and take care and let it be used as long as you can. One is karma yoga but there can also be mansa seva, sustain the yagya through your presence. 

Until the last minute, Didi Manmohini’s mother was Queen Mother, Dadi Gulzar's mother Alrounder Dadi, their bodies were old, but everyone would love to meet them, say hello, take drishti, toli. I remember that Alrounder Dadi, Dadi Gulzar's mother, was in Delhi Pandav Bhavan. As you entered, there was a very little room in the front and she used to live there and I used to ask her at night time, how do you manage? She said, it’s all right, Baba is with me. She was there because she wanted to be a protector of the yagya. Also when you went and when you were leaving, she would want to say hello, give you toli. I used to come from the USA. She would take me in her room and tell me she had something very nice, she kept for me. In this way she would keep hiding little gifts and when I went, she would give them to me. There was no attachment, just a pure feeling. One time Dadi Janki asked, is it necessary for us to have attachment with each other? Can we have pure attachment? Dadi Janki said, yes because when we have attachment with each other, then we understand each other, we try to cooperate with each other, we work together. Then she directly asked me, "Do you think I have attachment with you?” I said, “I definitely feel”. When I went to London, there was something they cooked that was very nice. After that, anyone who came from London, she would send that. There is a lot of flow of pure love for each other, but no attachment. When Brahma Baba left the body, no one really cried, even his daughter. I didn't even have tears. We loved him so much but his power of silence, his purity changed sorrow into understanding that the soul has to become avyakt. We were surprised that we didn't cry. When I got the news, I just went in deep silence as if Baba is also pulling us and had a very good experience. Pure love within the divine family is definitely there and that is how even when we had to do the funeral for Brahma Baba, a lot of love, respect for the body which as a ‘Chariot of God’ shared love with us. Baba is giving us some thoughts to create that awareness which will help us to be free from attachment. First of all finish any attachment you have to your body, then attachment to your relationships and possessions will  automatically finish. In order to become an angel, first of all practice, the body is for the sake of service. It is entrusted to you, you are just a trustee of the body then see how easy it will be to become an angel. It's just a change of consciousness. The body is still valuable at confluence age.     

Baba said this birth is a diamond birth. In the golden age it will be a golden birth. This one is more valuable because it's for service. In the golden age we will have good times with family, a lot of good happiness, but we’re not doing any service or charitable actions there. This birth, this body is very, very valuable because of the time and task which we perform. So we will practise, have some change of consciousness and sustain ourselves.

 Om Shanti

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