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Feelings of surrender and a carefree stage #14

Embodiment_ of_ Success _14 Mohini Didi October 14, 2023

Om Shanti!

Om Shanti to everyone, and lots of love. Everyone is okay? Yes. Every day is a wonderful day. For Baba’s children at conferences, every day is a day of celebration, something or other. There is great happiness and enthusiasm because every day we want to do something new, something different, something big. So, Baba has given us a very big task; to keep serving the world. Then on the other side, I know you have heard about so much violence, killing, destruction, natural calamities, all that is happening. In India too, there are a lot of calamities in some of the states, flooding and earthquakes. So, our role is to keep doing mansa seva, not waste our time and energy. Even if you serve yourself, you're preparing yourself for world service. I like very much when Baba is saying ‘samarpan’, it is surrender. So, in English it says feelings of surrender. Now everything really depends on our mind and intellect. Even if a single thought comes like, “Oh, look, this is my specialty, this is what I did, this is what I can do.” This “I” in between comes and reduces our quality of surrender. To pay attention in such a way that our surrender becomes complete surrender, there should not be any thoughts of “I” in between. Even for your specialties, you should not have those thoughts of “I”. So, it is very interesting, I don't know what the percentage is, everyone has a different percentage. Let's say I have a very huge percentage, 90 or 95, but how do I match it with the stage of being carefree? Every day, whatever is happening according to Drama, see what my stage is after seeing everything. Even when it comes to lokik ways in the outside world, whatever is happening is all Drama, beneficial, and it's very accurate.

So, I need to have attention on not allowing the consciousness of “I’ to come. Even for your efforts, we can say, “Baba I surrender, then You help me to decide. Baba, I surrender, You help me to use my intellect where necessary.” They give the example of Arjuna where he said, “I am not going to fight, my hands are trembling because my relatives, my gurus are in the front row, in the other army.” Then, Arjuna took his chariot, Sri Krishna took his chariot in the middle of the battlefield and said to look around now and start the war, the fight. So in the same way, we can surrender to Baba and see what Baba wants us to do and we do it. Practically, it looks like a very high stage, but it is not just high but very common because at the Confluence Age, for God's task, if I don't surrender, when will I get that accomplished. So, that’s why Baba is saying we should have the feelings of surrender and a carefree stage. Just imagine mentioning that in this world, to be carefree is not a simple stage, but it's very powerful. In order to achieve success in service, you need to have feelings of surrender and a carefree stage. Let there not be the slightest mixed consciousness in service. Those who worry waste their time, energy, and lose out on their task. Whatever task they worry about, that task is spoiled. So that means that you have 10 minutes, or you have one hour, sometimes a few days for a task, and those few days if you worry just five times, we are losing that time in between, but also we forget you are taking an exam. So Maya is taking away your energy and your time. So it’s very interesting, I was seeing not only the stage, but the result of that effort is the stage where I am careful. Whatever will happen will also be good. All this doesn't mean I'm not attentive, but I am not worrying. So you can also see the stages, full of feelings of surrender and a carefree stage.

Om Shanti


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