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Feelings of Benevolence and Mercy #15

Construct_the_New_World_15 Mohini Didi July 15, 2023

Om Shanti!

Is everyone okay? You all look okay, very good. When the mind and soul are okay then everything is okay, and it's only by making good efforts, doing inner practices. Practices are like diet and exercise. You have good thoughts, and that becomes your diet. When you practice, then what you have taken becomes part of your energy, the power. So that's what Baba does for us every day, gives us knowledge and gives us practice. Baba also reminds us that time always changes. Even to say that it used to be like that, it can be like this now, and it can be the same in the future also. So time is changing and Baba is saying it's especially becoming very delicate because suddenly, surprisingly, situations, circumstances, the games of nature, and the games of Maya all come. We have to make sure that we are not delicate. So, when Baba was speaking, I was thinking, how many of us are delicate? I was checking myself, too. Baba says that in the beginning of the Yagya, Baba gave sustenance like they were princes and princesses, and then there was the time of the beggary period. So, at that time, all had both experiences of having everything, and not having anything. Baba says, “You all haven't seen that time, but you all will also have to pass the test. So your nature shouldn't be delicate, time will be delicate.” We all have to be very strong to pass with honors in the future circumstances. We always say, “Oh, I have good feelings for that person, I always have well wishes for that one, but today Baba is saying more about the feelings. I also used to think, “Is it only good feelings that will work, is that enough?”

Today, Baba is talking about your feelings of benevolence and mercy. Whenever we talk of what we call in hindi ‘kalyan’, it is connected with the soul. That means if the soul is on a spiritual path, the soul is moving or thinking about liberation. The soul is thinking about being with God. So, those seekers also always have benevolent feelings. Also, there are some souls that don't change, they just stay there. So we look at them and do not get disappointed or upset or angry, but we have mercy on them. When you have feelings of mercy for them, they will feel that mercy and that could definitely help them. Then Baba is saying to also uplift everyone. These days, I think that uplifting is the sharing of good feelings, and our nature should have that sweetness. Nature in Hindi is called ‘swabhav”. When we translate the word ‘bhavna’, it is the feelings of the self. So my feelings of the self should be of sweetness and also of humility. Just imagine the combination of benevolence, of mercy, upliftment, sweetness, and humility. All that should be in our feelings. Baba said that when you have all that, this will keep you very light inside. For any soul, if any thoughts come, use one of these feelings, or use all of them. So, Baba says that you will feel that all your burdens are being removed. Thoughts bring some kind of heaviness, too. We don’t want that heaviness, but it depends on the thoughts. Then when we speak about something, there is some kind of heaviness.

So in my journey, what I want is my upliftment. So that is where not only what I am giving, I am receiving. Also, uplifting the self with all those feelings. We realize that whatever we do is for the self, whatever you do. Even if it seems we are doing for others because we have this thought that it is Baba's task. So whether it is Baba's service or service of humanity, I am benefiting the most. Transformation is my fortune. I am becoming better and better. So, you do it with a lot of love, you do it to become very light and full of power, all the benefits that I received. So, tomorrow we will pay attention and emerge these different kinds of feelings within ourselves. When you emerge those feelings, you yourself will feel that whatever other feelings you had are changing. Now, your feelings are full of all these qualities.

Om Shanti


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