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Father’s sanskars are your original sanskars #29

Transformation_of_Old_Sanskars_29 Mohini_Didi November 29, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

Everyone is well, Okay? Shantivan is full because a new group to meet BapDada has come, and when they come in the thousands, you see Baba’s children everywhere. Yesterday, I was talking to them about the sustenance of parents, sustenance of BapDada, sustenance of Momma, sustenance of Dadi Prakashmani and other ancestor souls. It is important for us to not only receive sustenance but also to give sustenance to others. Now Baba wants our wings of zeal and enthusiasm to continue to make us keep flying. How do I keep my enthusiasm growing every day? Sometimes we could find the sanskars of zeal and enthusiasm are not increasing. So immediately remember, as Baba said, that sanskars are like the keys. There are some battery operated toys and there's the key. You keep winding the key and when it is full, start playing, start dancing. Baba gave us the key today, that your sanskars should be like Baba’s sanskars because our eternal sanskars are Baba’s sanskars. I felt even two things: one is before coming to knowledge, I always felt that I am a child of God. The child always has nature and the features like the parents, right? They look like parents and they talk like them, their interactions, way of thinking, everything. So I realised that I always felt my roots are in God, and now I realize that being the child, a soul of the Supreme Soul, my sanskars are really like Baba’s sanskars. Baba says that the light of the soul can reduce but never diminishes. It’s immortal, from 16 degrees it reaches to zero degree, but there is that purity in the soul, that love, knowledge everything is in the soul but very little percentage.

Baba gives a good example of a new moon and a full moon, but it never happens that there is no moon. The soul is immortal, the cycle is eternal, predestined, everything in this world is eternal, so it continues all the time, only time changes, age changes, circumstances change. So it’s very natural when we think and believe what Baba is saying, that our eternal sanskars are like Baba’s sanskars. Baba is the Ocean of Love and I'm an image of love. Baba is Ocean of Peace, I'm an image of peace, but I have to become a master Ocean. I am becoming like Baba. This thought is very powerful. I have to become like Baba, or I am becoming like Baba. Baba is Knowledgeful, Ocean of knowledge, but I’m an image of knowledge. All the time we are thinking that I'm like my Father but also when we speak, interact with others, we think of Baba. Since Shiv Baba came in Brahma Baba, he always spoke of the knowledge. Even when he went into lokik relationships, he never talked about anything lokik. He went to see his daughter, and he would talk about jewels of knowledge. Baba will mention that he used to talk about diamonds, material diamonds, and now he looks at all of us as true diamonds but spiritual, sparkling, a point of light. Before we talked a lot about lokik, and now we are thinking of knowledge, churning knowledge, practicing knowledge, becoming an embodiment of knowledge. That means there are sanskars, and I'm using those sanskars to become 100%. When we heard knowledge, it didn't take us long, instantly there was faith, I wanted to belong to Baba, I wanted to do service. I immediately just started because of the sanskars, but now how to make it complete, 100% perfect? I allow that sanskar to manifest in our thoughts, in our words and in our actions. I have to use them, so the percentage of sanskars like Baba will keep increasing.

So what do we have to see today? What is the percentage of sanskars like Baba? So one of the practices that you will really benefit from is that whenever you find any types of sanskars are active, you immediately go into your inner self and start thinking about your eternal sanskars. This is very easy to do. So as many times as you can do this simple practice during the day, start becoming aware of your eternal sanskars, even just a few. I am a master ocean of knowledge or image of knowledge, gyan-swaroop. I'm a peaceful soul. I'm a loveful soul. So, you just have a few thoughts of your eternal self, but those thoughts will help you to emerge sanskars like Baba. What are sanskars like Baba? Master. We are masters, He is the Ocean. I think it could be a wonderful experience, if all of us practice eternal sanskars and experience my Father’s sanskars. Not only experience, but I find that my heart is very generous, very peaceful, it is always thinking to giving to others, bestower. So everything will emerge and you will feel the difference between eternal sanskars and Baba’s sanskars. I think when you do your homework today, you will find it more natural, very easy to experience God’s sanskars, your Father’s sanskars.

So we will keep ascending, we can not descend. As much as we ascend, there will be a lot of happiness plus closeness to Baba. You will feel how close you are to the Father, because closeness comes through similar sanskars. So when sanksars are like Baba, you will feel close like the Dadis. Dadi Janki used to say, “What is yoga?” Just go, sit in front of Baba, you don’t have to make a lot of effort. It will become very easy for us to experience Baba, to be near Baba, and constantly ascend by increasing your sanskars like Baba. Even while speaking, I am feeling so happy because then you feel your sanskars are becoming like Baba. You feel very safe, and you won’t be deceived. So, we have to do a lot of practice. My eternal sankars are like God’s sanskars. What will happen? We will experience a lot of happiness, joy, and contentment.

Om Shanti

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