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Faith and spiritual intoxication #12

Embodiment_of_Solutions_12 Mohini Didi October 12, 2023

Om Shanti!

Everyone is okay? Everywhere I go, they talk about Avyakti Parivar. They say this is a beautiful family, they feel Belonging, and everything is consistent. It's not that everyone knows, but those who listen to it feel very happy, they feel powerful, they know the deep secrets. We are able to talk together as a family and discuss some of the deep secrets, and why it is important to surrender everything to Baba. We have to use everything in a worthwhile way, my body, my wealth, my mind. It is not that you can't think properly, you can't do anything, if it is total surrender, then it belongs to Baba, and it must be used in a worthwhile way. It's a deep secret. Whatever I think is mine, there's no guarantee that it will be used in a worthwhile way. The example of Brahma Baba is given. Until the last day, he was able to answer the letters, able to give direction for many things that were pending, he decided everything. There is also the example of many ancestor souls, because they surrendered everything to Baba, everything was used in a worthwhile way. So, on one side Baba says to use everything in a worthwhile way, but on the other side, I am surrendered and everything belongs to Baba, it cannot go waste. If someone has doubts about what's happening to the money they gave, we shouldn't have doubts because once you give to Baba, it belongs to Baba. How can anything of Baba's be wasted? Yesterday, I was saying to one soul that we should never doubt when there is sickness what will happen, what's my future. If you haven't been insured, then you worry. So, that's why Baba keeps telling us children to insure everything, surrender everything. So, when you insure something you always get a return, which is called a worthwhile way.

Father Brahma was an example on the basis of his faith and spiritual intoxication. If that faith doesn't change into intoxication, then you will think a lot. He came to know his fixed destiny and used everything of his in a worthwhile way in a second. Baba came to know his destiny, what he is going to become and what he should do at present. Just imagine he got faith 100%, and because of that, he surrendered. Very interesting when we think that Baba tells you, “Child, you're going to become that”, and if you have 100% faith, you will surrender and say, “Okay, I have to claim that status. I have to surrender to Baba completely.” If you have faith in destiny, then you will use everything in a worthwhile way in a second. He didn't even think about anything for himself, but used everything in a worthwhile way. We saw the practical proof of that until his last day. Through his body, he did the service of writing letters, and through his mouth he spoke elevated versions. Even on the last day, he used his time, his thoughts, and the body in a worthwhile way. So, the meaning of using everything in a worthwhile way is to use it in an elevated way. Baba is saying that those who use everything in a worthwhile way are definitely successful. Baba instantly surrendered and didn't even think about what would happen in his future. He formed the trust. Everyone from the trust played a beautiful full part, all the Dadis. They had so much love for Baba and the Yagya. Not only that, but if I have surrendered, everything belongs to Baba, and it will be used in the maximum success or maximum worthwhile way. So, every moment, every breath, every second will multiply into so much and that's your income, that's your fortune. So, whatever you have put in Baba’s bhandari, Baba becomes responsible to use it in an appropriate way. If someone doesn't, then it's a big karmic account. So, completely surrender and see how everything is being used in a worthwhile way. So, I think we all should think about it and use everything in a worthwhile way.

Om Shanti

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