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Expressions of Deityism # 21

Creating_Heaven_Inside_Ourselves_21 Mohini_Didi June 21, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

Getting more heavenly experiences, right? Just sitting for 15 minutes and having a few thoughts, we are creating that vision of the moon and stars. We are walking together as a family, we had a real experience. Here you can’t see the moon and stars much, but in the Golden Age, they will be visible. Every word we listen to, either about the power to discern, or from Avyakt Murli about charitable souls, and then our own practice during the day, it’s a lot. So, when we listen, we start thinking, and when we think, then our understanding deepens. When there is understanding, then we start practicing, and as much as we practice, our experiences increase. Those experiences create a stage that can be called the stage of concentration. The avyakti signal says that as good as your concentration is, your power to discern will increase, or will be accurate. Since a few days, I have been trying to practice, and I am still contemplating working on it more and more. Definitely, I had this experience that as much as I recognize myself, I can be close to Baba. Not only close to Baba, but I start feeling that alikeness, because self-realization in the Golden Age will be very natural, because we don’t have the knowledge of soul. We will not be practicing soul-consciousness, but we are in soul-consciousness. So, when I am naturally in soul-consciousness, there is purity, there is love, there is peace, and a natural expression of divinity. There is something very royal, and nature is very serene. Our love and interaction towards each other will be that expression through our eyes. That means our eyes are not wandering, but they have that sweetness, that pure love. Amazingly, at the end of the Confluence Age, now among the Brahmin family, our drishti is becoming more loving. It’s also like giving and receiving in that stage of soul consciousness. Avyakt BapDada said about charitable souls that what you are receiving is blessings, because of timely cooperation that you give.

Many are still wondering about the difference between an elevated action and a charitable action. You are just doing something from the heart. Of course, I know whatever has been assigned, or what I am supposed to do. We do it honestly, we do it with a lot of love, and try to be accurate, perfect, but this is a little bit beyond that. That means it is like, let’s say someone is doing something and you are around and you won’t think,”Oh, it’s not my duty, that’s her duty”, but if you have a few moments, you will say, “Can I help?” It makes a lot of difference to that person. Even that person may say, “I am fine, I am okay. I am really doing okay.” You know Brahma Baba took special care, and it used to melt your heart. Whenever you were traveling, you go to the take away department and take your food, and there is a person who gives you transport and arranges everything. Then before leaving, Brahma Baba would say, “Have you taken everything? Have you taken food, fruit, who is taking you?” I would say, “Why does Baba have to do all that?” I know I have that habit of doing that to control a little bit, because that’s what I received from Baba. Everyone should feel cared for, and at the Confluence Age, we belong to God, one family.

So, charitable soul, as much as I am in a stage of concentration, where I am totally aligned every moment of the Drama, and not even subtly questioning, “Why does this one have to do this? Why didn't it happen another way?” Some of this Baba is calling internal turbulence. We observe Drama and play your part. Sometimes when we go into all these general things, then in the part that I have to play, somewhere that quality doesn’t remain. I keep observing, appreciating, I acknowledge, I see everything as a detached observer and play my part. So, creating that divine sanskar, heavenly sanskar, these are some of the practices. As I said, there is a lot that goes into every aspect, but just remember to be in my soul conscious stage, and my religion of the self, one religion This will also be in the Golden Age of purity, love, and peace. Naturally, what will emerge is your serene nature, and even through your physical sense organs, that divinity will be expressed, your personality of divinity. People go to have visions of Gods and Goddesses, deities in the temple, or they go with whatever their unfulfilled wishes are, they go for blessings. That's why Baba says that there will be an experience when others will also receive blessings from us, and whatever thoughts or wishes they had will be fulfilled. So, we have to create that kind of concentration of a good observer and of course Baba has been saying, ‘lovely and detached’, ‘happy and light’. We keep doing charitable actions, and you will definitely feel yourself stepping into the Golden Age. For a few moments, whenever it is possible during the day, early morning or in the evening, when we sit together, definitely there will be this experience of stepping into that stage, Golden Age. Also, our whole inner space is full of very pure divine vibrations.

Om Shanti


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