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Everything is Yours #17

Stay_in_AvyaktSilence 17                 Mohini_Didi                January 17, 2024 

Om Shanti!

We are Baba’s helpers, and as Brahma Baba is the instrument, we have to follow Brahma Baba. The first step was the recognition. As soon as he recognized that it was God who was trying to make contact with him. It took time, a few years actually, but as soon as Baba recognized, ShivBaba gave a big offer: Brahma Baba had the vision of Vishnu. He heard that you can become this, you can become this, and Baba was completely touched by that. After that, Baba wanted to give the message that each one of us is a divine soul, we were deities and gradually became warriors and came down, and now we have to again become deity, divine. He saw a beautiful garden with little children, very beautiful, divine. He started giving the message and so many were attracted by that. So he started a small family gathering, then it grew and many decided to surrender. It was a big family of 300 - 350. Baba formed a trust of eight young girls, eight sisters, and Baba surrendered everything to them. They were the ones who had to manage everything, all the resources, whether it was building or money, everything. Since then, Baba just followed Shrimat? So, we also have to come out of this consciousness of ‘I’ and be a trustee, and follow Shrimat. 

It was such an interesting story. We had been listening to Rameshbhai about Baba’s faith in Drama. So, why doesn’t Baba want us to have any burden? The mind and the intellect will not be able to receive. We don’t feel love from Baba all the time because of some burden, and one of the burdens could be from thinking of the past. What happened? It shouldn’t have happened. It shouldn’t be like that. It’s Drama, it had to happen. As much as we believe in Drama, that much we are able to be close to Baba. Two words Baba taught us: one is ‘Wah Drama’, everything is wonderful, and the second word was ‘nothing new’. It happened before, and it’s happening now. I don’t know how much we use ‘nothing new’, but Baba said not to let the mind and intellect be touched by what is happening. Now we have to deal with everything, right? There are circumstances, Baba’s task, but how do I remain a detached observer and also active? What is in the part I will play? It’s not that I am only an observer, but a little bit of influence that comes, or a little bit of something we take on. So the mind takes a little bit of something. Recently, somebody said that you cannot see your image in boiling water, but if it’s still water, you can see your face. So when the mind is upset, disturbed, rather than asking questions, you can be a very calm and detached observer and then propose. When you give a proposal with clear mind, it’s very acceptable and immediately it’s implemented, and everyone sees the benefit. They will always come to you for advice because you followed Shrimat, you gave advice based on that, and not based on what your feelings are. So our stage always keeps going up and down, but if you want to progress, we have to be stable and move forward, go above, and higher. 

So, Baba doesn’t want burden, and one of the ways that Baba says not to carry burden is to say that ‘everything belongs to Baba’. ‘I and mine’, even my ideas, this was my planning, this was my thought, is the biggest obstacle. It should come from Baba, why will I accept your idea? What’s the guarantee that it is going to work? So how do we remain a detached observer, connect with Baba, and what comes in the mind? God’s plan. This one, that one, others, no, it’s Baba. So, do not carry burden on the mind or intellect, just stay quiet, be in Baba’s remembrance and let Baba touch you for the future. Baba keeps saying that one of the ways is to never say ‘my idea’, or ‘I did it’. ‘I and mine’ is the biggest Maya, right? So, Baba is saying to constantly keep the aim of becoming equal to the Father. Just as the Father is the Light, in the same way, become double light. When you look at others, you become weak, so see the Father and follow the Father. I remember when Baba became Avyakt, every time the Dadi’s had to decide something, they would say, “What would Baba have done? What did Baba do?” We saw the success, right? How the Yagya is expanding and unlimited. So, Baba is saying that elevated means for the flying stage, just one expression, ‘everything is yours’. Transform the word ‘mine’ and make it ‘yours’, then you belong to Him, and Baba said that you become very light. Baba gives every day and we see all the magical happenings all the time. So Baba says to be light, nothing from the past, go beyond ‘I and mine’, and we will stay light.

Om Shanti 

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