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Every word is a pearl #6

Sweetness_and_Love_6                      Mohini_Didi                      February 6,2024 

Om Shanti!

It’s not only that words are pearls, but Baba also says, “My children are also very valuable.” Baba always says, “Star of the eyes, light of the eyes.” Baba gives us so many elevated titles. So for each one of us, to remain in our self-respect is very important. Whatever is in the mind, the thoughts, they are visible through your face, through your drishti, and through your words, whatever the feeling or virtue is. I have met some very beautiful people and they are all men, but when they speak, they stay very calm, cool and they have a lot of patience. Enthusiasm and excitement is very common, but with patience, they are helping souls to calm down through their words. Now I was asking someone, “Why did you all develop this?” They said that any patients who come first want to hear the doctor's words. We diagnose, we give medicine, treatment, but before that, the words are important. Not everyone has that personality, but some really want to comfort others, their words have a lot of their inner quality of love with patients. So if the words have so much value, then how much of our virtues can actually be expressed in our words?  So we have to be very attentive. As much we are an embodiment, that much, you should be also. Baba says to shower pearls, that means sweet words, inspiring words, words of wisdom, words of love. Such words, Baba says, everyone would like to record and listen to again and again. Brahma Baba is one of the examples for us. When he starts speaking, “sweet children”, I remember when I used to hear that and the mind used to absorb that. Baba is saying sweet sweet children. So not too many words, short words, but powerful. So, this is a very big inculcation. 

So, our homework for tomorrow is that every word is a pearl. Every word you speak is not just a word, but it is a pearl. It should feel as if you are showering pearls. This is known as sweetness. Speak such words that those who listen to you are also inspired to speak in the same way. Let everyone who hears you be inspired to learn from you and follow you. So words can touch the intellect, words can touch hearts, words can touch the soul. Our words are so valuable that they touch the soul. When it touches the soul, then awakening happens. For the intellect, reasoning awakens, for heart, feelings awaken, but for the soul, deep awakening happens. When that awakening happens, that means you are very deeply inspired. So those words are of great value. Pearls look beautiful. They are of great value. I think most of you must have seen pearls. They are very expensive. They make garlands. It is very difficult to find them. They come from the deep ocean. You must have seen the shells and the pearls are within the shells. They collect them. So, that is why Baba gives us the title of “Rup Basant.” Some people look good, the image, but their words sometimes are not like pearls. So Rup means to be the embodiment and to speak words like pearls. So that’s our homework for tomorrow. 

Om Shanti

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