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Equal to Father Brahma #08

Embodiment_of_Success_8 Mohini_Didi October 8, 2023

Om Shanti Everyone!

Okay, is everyone well? Lovely to see you all, connecting from Shantivan. Yesterday we had meditation together worldwide to bring the vibrations of love, peace, and harmony in the world. The feelings of animosity and revenge deepen the division and that’s what we are seeing in the present scenes of Drama. Human nature, the nature-elements, they’re showing their anger in the form of calamities. So overall there’s no peace, no love, there is a lot of conflict, a lot of violence, but we recognize that we are at the Confluence Age, and now every moment can be used in a worthwhile way. So you’re listening to the homework that was read, Brahma Baba became like Shiv Baba One of the important reasons was that he used every moment and every breath in a worthwhile way. Baba says that being a master means self sovereignty. I, the soul, the self, I use everything in a worthwhile way. So then the breath and the moment are very important.

So in a very interesting way, Baba explained about being a child and a master. Everyone has an awareness of being a child, but now also balance that with the awareness of being a master. We will listen more when we revise, but Brahma Baba became like Baba. How did father Brahma become complete? What was the speciality? What was the special basis of perfection? Father Brahma used his every moment in a worthwhile way, he used his every breath and every second in a worthwhile way. So in order to become equal to the father, I have the aim that I have to use everything in a worthwhile way, and what is that? Becoming an embodiment of success. So, it’s very interesting to see the importance of time. Baba is talking about every breath and every moment. It’s not only the importance of breath, but the importance of the time while taking breath. So, it’s very powerful and I think we should pay attention, and we will all do it in practical. As far as I can remember, I could see from Baba’s face that he is remembering our Beloved Father. Now we can think more about becoming complete by using every breath and every moment in a worthwhile way, so that we will become like BapDada.

Om Shanti

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