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Enthusiasm for service#13

Elevated_Mind_and_Subtle_Attitude_13 Mohini_Didi May 13, 2023

Om Shanti!

Everyone well? Okay. Baba is sustaining us, there is so much love and power that keeps us well. In many different ways we are well, physically, in relationships, and being successful, in everything we are well. Baba is talking about the power of transformation, that when it is real gold it is easy to mold. Baba says that if we do anything again and again, then it becomes stronger. Baba is also saying that as much you are accumulating your income, you should also look at the loss. If you’re losing, that means that even though you are thinking elevated, sometimes, you think ordinary, so that becomes loss. Baba says it so beautifully, that if you have the power of transformation, then two qualities, two powers increase. You are very cool and you’re very humble. With transformation, you are very cool and you are very humble and then the “I” of body consciousness changes into “I” of soul consciousness. If we use that transformation of “I”, then other transformations will become very easy. Baba's Avyakti signal is really coming into practice, bringing us back into the field of action, the field of service. We get new ideas to think of new initiatives. All of that happens when there is enthusiasm. With enthusiasm, our love for Baba, our connection with Baba increases. When there is love, you think of souls and serving. When I came from India, I thought we should be unlimited not only unlimited but more visible.

We had to change our timetable because of COVID, maybe. Baba is saying that the timetable should remain set at the center and also for yourself, because if you not do not set it, then gradually you become careless. Just imagine being careless about whether I wake up for Amritvela or not. No, I have to wake up, right? I have seen Dadis even though their bodies are so weak, but they never miss Amritvela. Baba's daughter Nirmala Shanta used to stay very close to my room. At 3:30 her light was on. Not only that, she made herself so presentable to Baba, I used to be amazed. She would get up and sit properly, going to Baba, or Baba is coming to me. You know that enthusiasm has to be there. If you don’t keep your timetable properly, then what happens after some time is you become very careless. Your body and mind start giving excuses of sickness. The body gives signals that today I don’t think I can get up because I am hurting so much. Yesterday, I did so much that I was very tired. We forget that Amritvela will give us power, Baba will massage us, Baba will give us strength. At 3:30 in the morning we play beautiful songs. Baba wakes up the bridegroom, we do the same at night time and play some songs. We go to sleep by 10 o’clock, so maintaining the timetable will keep us progressing. It was different in the beginning when COVID came. We did not travel much. We did not do public programs, and we didn't have people coming all the time.

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day. We are inviting a lot of people, expecting 300 of them because people want to come. We used to have 400, 500. We did a lot of planning and preparing. So, when there is enthusiasm, then your body also works. Really it’s not the body, it’s the soul that is making body work to do something. Baba is saying to increase your enthusiasm, maintain your enthusiasm, don’t let it down and secondly, have a timetable don’t lose your timetable. Baba has created a timetable for us so beautifully. Wake up in time and then yoga then morning class, then everyone has either going to work or take care of the routine activities, karmayoga, then traffic control every hour then lunchtime, dinner time. Baba has really prepared a beautiful life for us and if we keep following it, Baba says that we will remain happy and healthy. When you miss something in the morning, if you miss Amritvela, then what happens the whole day, you know something is missing, you feel it. If you have done Amritvela even if your body is tired or sometimes not feeling well, there is love for Baba, blessings from parents, talking to Satguru, talking to our teacher, all of this gives us happiness, gives us joy, gives us power. I think we have been doing it, the majority of us. We have kept our time table even though in person services haven't happened. So, when we are re-opening, that same energy is coming back. Whether it is doing karma yoga or maintaining Baba's Yagya, doing things for Baba's Yagya.

Everyone is cooperating very well, whether it is cooking, cleaning, or preparing blessings, toli or whatever it is. So, I think that is our homework, Baba wants us to continue with that because a lot has to be served yet. Maybe we could serve them if they do not take knowledge, or at least through our attitude. People who are very restless, people who have anger, people who always have a negative attitude, through our attitude, we should keep serving them. We have good wishes for you, we have pure feelings for you. I have to remain calm. We have to have good wishes, because if someone is even in the lokik world, sometimes people are ignorant about what we are doing. I remember when a few hundred people came and left, most of the neighbors said that they didn't hear any sound. We have told people not to blow the horn because some are sleeping on Sunday morning. So they come quietly and don’t stand on the road and start talking loudly, certain things we have to maintain and serve them, serve with love. Even if people don't know what your services are, they could have objections, but that does not matter. We have to maintain good wishes and continue to have enthusiasm. Baba takes care of everything.

Om Shanti

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