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Emperors of Truth # 26

Creating_Heaven_Inside_Ourselves_26 Mohini_Didi June 26, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

Everyone is ok and happy? Baba everyday gives us some new titles. Baba gave us the title of Rishiraj, and then Baba is saying that actually Tapasya is to claim your right to the kingdom. So, we are Rishiraj and we are very fortunate. I like when Baba said that the Creator, or One who bestows the fortune, belongs to you. Just imagine Bhagyavidhata belongs to me, and Baba is making Tapasya so easy. Baba belongs to me, I belong to Baba, and the kingdom that we are claiming is the inheritance. Baba says that nobody asks for inheritance, but Baba has given us the right to the inheritance. So, I have this awareness of my attainments as inheritance. One should feel very natural remembrance of Baba internally, just keeping Baba's qualities and what He does. It's Baba's task, and we are helpers. In any form, in any relationship, just keep thinking of Baba, keep remembering Baba. This is very important.

One is getting knowledge that we are fortunate, but the other is to understand knowledge. So our fortune is that we all understand knowledge, because actually knowledge means understanding, ‘Samaj’. Samaj is understanding, and not only do we just understand, but we are able to adopt it, practice it, and we are able to become that. Everyone is making efforts. Maybe there are some with less percentage, or less speed, but they are still making effort to know the truth, understand the truth, follow the truth, and then become the truth. It takes one second for us to know, “Who am I?” The first truth is, ‘who am I?’ I'm a peaceful soul, I’m Baba’s child. It takes one second for us to make our mind stable on that thought. There are so many people who complain, “We can't have concentration. We cannot be peaceful. How can our mind be peaceful? The mind is wandering with so many thoughts, so many desires.” If you recognize your truth, recognize yourself as that truth, it takes just one second really to be in that image, to be in that form. Every time I am able to touch that truth within myself, I find some more power is awakening. Awakening is happening, and the soul feels very blissful.

There is a lot of difference between happiness and bliss. You will find that all these gurus, after their sanyas-renunciation, are given names, and the last part of the name is “anand”, like Paramanand or Brahmanand. Anand at the end means that they have gone beyond sorrow and happiness, because when we get something we are happy, and when we lose something, there is sorrow. So, it's always a game of sorrow and happiness. However, the ones who recognize truth, like Vivekanand, his intellect became enlightened and anand. Baba also is “Sat-Chit-Anand”. So, we all have to think that now I'm ruling. Ruling is not controlling or giving directions. Ruling here is that you know how to rule your body, not by giving orders, but that every organ is naturally obeying you. That is self- sovereignty.

So, the king is very gentle and very respectful. We hear different stories of different kings, and sometimes we imagine, but there was a time when the king was seen as a judge. People would go for one who can help, or fulfill all their desires. So, if they need, they will go to the king for judgment. The king had power to discern and decide and give judgment in a very true way. We also have to see that our intellect's capacity is based on truth. I think we need to experiment with it, we need to practice it and see. It is said that you are a master Creator, so creation will be like a master. If you are the seed of the mango tree and you are sweet, then all the mangoes will be sweet. Here the seed is our thoughts. Always have beautiful elevated pure thoughts. That is our bliss. One is a clean thought, pure thoughts, then there are elevated thoughts, then auspicious thoughts. Auspicious, we call ‘Shubh’, Shuddh, and Shubh. That means always think very auspicious thoughts for yourself and others. Also, it gives so much joy, so much power, and so much bliss right. Then what do we become? A true king.

Your ruling is taking care of your own body with a lot of love and gentleness. You have to make it work, not by using a stick, but sweetly, gently, naturally, because the body is part of nature, and we love nature. This is not attachment, but respect for your body, because the body is also from five elements. Do not get too tired, not too lazy, but have balance, proper balance of everything; ‘action and yoga’, ‘detached and loving’, ‘master and child’. These many balances help us to nurture the body, and take care of the body. All Baba's children should look well, everyone's face should be like a blossomed flower, with the beauty of purity, beauty of love, beauty of peace, all that is truth, all that is beautiful. So, tomorrow we will practice and experience this. To be a true king, and from morning, how to take care of our body with love and gentleness.

Om Shanti

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