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Embodiments of happiness, bestowers of happiness #15

Give_Blessings_Receive_Blessing_15 Mohini_Didi November 15, 2023

Om Shanti!

Everyone’s okay? Yes, everyone is well. You will notice that our sound is a little funny. That is because we are in a different place. We have a little room separate for our meeting with Avyakti Parivar. We call it the Avyakti Room. We also use it for meetings like this morning. So, we are thinking that the atmosphere and energy will grow and build up. Then anyone who comes and sits to meditate, they should be able to experience Avyakti vibrations. Baba always had been talking about ‘giving and receiving’, whatever one has, one gives to the other one, you cannot give differently. Like you want to give happiness and you find you have a lot of sorrow or a lot of hurt from the past, or from someone's interaction. That is why I like when Baba says that first you have to be the embodiment. It's only when you have that in your treasure store that you can give to others. Baba is saying that Brahmin souls are children of the Ocean of Happiness. They are the embodiment of happiness. If you want to bestow anything, whether it's knowledge or happiness or anything you want to bestow, first you have to be an embodiment. So, they are the embodiment of happiness, and based on that, they are the bestower of happiness. Since you have renounced the land of sorrow, how many of you have renounced the land of sorrow? Think about it, you have. Okay, I see some raising hands. Since you have renounced the land of sorrow, you must never cause sorrow, or accept sorrow. First you have to stop giving sorrow. By giving happiness, you receive a lot of happiness. That means if you are not happy, you are not giving happiness. These blessings are added to your efforts. So, give happiness and blessings through thoughts, words, or deeds. When you give happiness, your marks are automatically added to this effort. Therefore, become an embodiment of happiness, and give happiness, and receive happiness. Sometimes, you want to give happiness and it doesn't work. You end up again giving sorrow, causing sorrow to each other. It could be ego, body consciousness, somewhere a very deep karmic account. At the Confluence Age, through Baba's remembrance, we are clearing our account of body consciousness. We have accumulated a lot of thoughts, words, and actions in body consciousness. So they emerge, but we have to be careful, because when they emerge and we do actions, they become stronger. So, we all have to be careful, an add to the account of blessings by giving and receiving happiness.

Om Shanti


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