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Elevated thoughts filled with good wishes #18

Give_Blessings_Receive_Blessings_18 Mohini Didi November 18, 2023

Om Shanti!

Good morning, everyone, happy? It is at the Confluence Age that we know what true happiness is. We are very connected with our inner self, the stage of the mind. In the lokik world, people try to get material things to make oneself happy, but when we belong to Baba, we know that material things will have limited attainment and our inner treasures have unlimited happiness. The teachings that Baba gives us makes us not only a blossomed flower, but a flawless diamond also. So whenever there is something which is against us or adverse, that is the time we have to look at if my feelings of the mind are changing. That means that instead of good feelings, good wishes, we can have ordinary feelings, not very elevated. Today, Baba is saying that even if someone tries to defame you or say things which are against you, you should not change your feelings, and constantly have elevated thoughts for them. This will help the self. Anything we are doing for others is not really for others, because your own quality, your honest inner strength, everything is changing within the self. So what you're giving to others, first you are giving to your own self. If you remember that then very happily constantly, we will have good feelings and good wishes for everyone.

So, Baba is saying that no matter what happens, it's good to be with a good person. If someone is not that good, we are still good with that person. No matter what someone is like, even if he is someone who defames you, even then, let only blessings emerge in your heart at every moment for that soul. When there are two things about response to anyone, one is that I pay attention, that my feelings don't mix or change, it’s for myself, that I'm not affected, I'm taking it in a positive way. So my power of tolerance or power to face is increasing. If I'm settling some kind of fast karmas, or even if I am making my relationship better, then I should have good feelings and elevated thoughts for everyone. Whatever that person does, whatever that person is, or whatever that person says, I have to be elevated. Let that soul also benefit everyone, let only blessings emerge from your heart at every moment for the soul. Let his intellect be peaceful. Your elevated thoughts filled with good wishes, will transform that soul. If someone’s intellect is disturbed, have good wishes, good vibrations, so that the soul can have a peaceful intellect and still maintain good feelings and good wishes. So it's not that I'm taking responsibility for my own self, but also I am taking responsibility for transforming someone else also. So it’s a service for the self and everyone. Feelings are very connected with the heart also. If you want to keep your heart healthy, then always have good feelings, don't fluctuate. Baba has been saying that when effort is less, then you have ordinary effort. So the same is with the feelings. So keep the feelings very elevated, very positive, very benevolent, full of love for everyone. With those feelings, then have good wishes, elevated wishes, for everyone.

Om Shanti

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