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Elevated Reward #24

Increase Your Account of Accumulation_24 Mohini_Didi March 24, 2023

Om Shanti Everyone!

Everyone looks well. Baba has been comparing two types of wealth. Of course there are many, but in this one Avyakt signal, Baba is talking about the wealth of thoughts and physical material wealth. Now Avyakt BapDada gave the signal to be double light and Baba had been saying so much to not to have wasteful thoughts. That means to use a full stop. Baba gives the example of zero ‘point’. You use a point for a full stop, but also this zero is to keep adding your figures, if it’s 10 then put another zero and it’s 100, then put another zero and it’s 1000. So it’s two methods, somewhere I put full stop first that means you are not wasting anymore and I know that it takes practice.Like in driving, sometimes you need to stop or you could hit a car or someone. So, it is quite a good practice to just put a full stop, stop means stop. Now deeply within understanding of trust in Baba, trust in Drama, just total trust, whatever is going to happen will definitely be beneficial. It takes time to understand the process of many things, but this deep faith within the self, who is going to make it happen? Baba. Who is going to get it done? Baba. Baba is also a point right? So when you are saying ‘Baba’, you are putting a point, and that point is a plus, that means you are accumulating. So when Baba says, “Remember Me, that is the best way to accumulate” ,that means if you put a full stop and don’t remember Baba, you will save wastage but you won’t accumulate. So, we all have to practice because by remembering Baba there is also lightness. In a way, you are surrendering, you don’t have to be heavy about anything. Every time there is any situation, we get some deeper understanding of human nature, of circumstances, and we learn, we become mature.

So, use a full stop then remember Baba, because what Baba is saying is that if suddenly there is a big expense, and you don’t have savings, you would have to go for a loan. If you have a good credit line, you get the loan, otherwise you don’t. So, you would feel very desperate and empty in the scenes if you run out of methods, questions or thoughts start coming in the mind. So, accumulation is happening through remembrance, not just putting the full stop. So I can check, do I feel empty? The intellect and mind sometimes feel this way because you don’t have enough savings. Baba has said to have this stock of elevated thoughts. I want to think elevated, but I don’t have a stock, so I don’t know what to think. We shouldn’t reach a point where I am empty. Empty means I don’t know what to do next. I was realizing that accumulation of elevated thoughts means that in various situations you don’t run out of words or elevated thoughts. I see saving more as a habit of thinking elevated. Baba keeps saying to practice bodiless stage, practice soul consciousness, be in soul consciousness. How many times in Murli does Baba talk about it, why? At least I am listening to it, listening is also accumulating, and then speaking or thinking, all of that is accumulating. Do it anyway so then at the right time, you will say that yes I have enough practice to be in soul consciousness, because of accumulation.

So, accumulation is to have practice.That means that you have done enough that it automatically emerges in thoughts, but if it doesn’t emerge then what happens? You feel like you have run out. That is why we really have to use time in a worthwhile way. Yes, we have so much to do, so much karma yoga, but even if we have to speak out, you have to say or do anything, you must do it because that’s the accumulation. There are some souls who want to feel light or joyful, so they start singing, and while singing they have a super sensuous joy. They have happiness and their positive and pure energy awakens so there is a resource there. You have to keep increasing that resource because any resource will have a limit if you do not accumulate. The whole thing is kind of in a cycle, everything. Like nature is eternal, but it has beginning and an end of everything, in human life there is beginning there is an end. We call it a lifespan. There is a lifespan that finishes, then you start another journey, a new birth. So, we are cultivating now, like you just cultivate peace. I will maintain peace, and you do it for a week, try to do it regularly at the right time, then you will be very stable. Stable in what? Stable in power. This depends on whichever virtue, whichever power is required, you have to be stable.

Baba is also saying that your future depends on also how much accumulation you have now. You have to be a sovereign, king, emperor. You are not used to being seated on the throne, you will sit and then get up, sit again. Accumulation is the power of practice, whenever you have minute. Baba talked about five minutes per hour, any time, even a minute is a lot, do it, or just be in soul consciousness even for a minute. Quite a lot will get accumulated. So accumulate, even when you find sometimes you are not in that stage, but create it. Create elevated thoughts, accumulate, so you are not deceived or feel empty anytime. We want that sparkle all the time, and that’s possible when you have savings.

Om Shanti

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