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Egoless #17

Construct_the_New_World_17 Mohini_Didi July 17 th, 2023

Om Shanti !

Baba is sustaining us at the confluence age as Parent, Teacher and Satguru, giving us company as a Friend, very incognito, but still very visible. In this murli which we read and heard on Sunday, Baba is talking about two authorities. One is authority of religion, that is truth and purity. The other is the authority of self-sovereignty. World sovereignty will be in the golden age. Baba is saying that when we look at Vishnu who has four arms and four symbols are shown which depicts purity of thoughts, words, actions, victory and power. When you are able to attain all that purity, then the symbol is of two crowns. One is a crown of light, the other is a crown decorated with jewels and diamonds and beautiful. In the golden age both powers are combined.

Sri Krishna was prince, he was king, but also he is the one who knew how to govern. All the stories connected with Sri Krishna are shown as being very good at advising, giving directions. When Baba said that both authorities are combined, then the kingdom is obstacle free. That is why, even within our yagya, Baba’s family, as much as there is spirituality, that much is the capacity to coordinate or for administration. We used to call Dadi Prakashmani the administrative head. A lot of people will ask us, then who is the spiritual head? We said she is also the spiritual head. Both authorities we are claiming now at confluence age. There could be someone who is very spiritual, but they don't know how to make the right time, right decisions or quality of sustenance. At the confluence age we have to look at ourselves. Do I have both capacities? Truth and purity. Then externally also, governance, first on your own sense organs.

If you look at how Baba began and created a family and a yagya, so many surrendered to yagya. Everything was new for everyone. All of us didn't know we had to do this or this, because organization requires all the skills. It's not that we learn all those things, but looking at Baba, looking at how they did it, we also start learning from that. Actually when we look at all organizations worldwide, ours is amazingly being governed. Lot of people ask us, how do we manage? We say in India, we have what they call zones. Then we have the zone incharge, then sub-zone, then areas, then area coordinators, then center coordinator. Internationally, we call them regions. There is a regional coordinator, national coordinator, center coordinator, then there are classes. Everyone governs in their capacity, in the sense of taking care of spiritual gathering. Those who come to those centers, help them to be very organized. Then, of course, it became a world university. This study creates our presence. It grew, we learned, and we are able to manage very large scale things. Because when there is truth and purity, we have certain principles for ourselves. Those principles we use not only for ourselves, but to decide things for others based on a principle. So many times it happens, some people say no because they don't like it. These instruments can be challenged because there are guidelines. We have to follow those guidelines and that is called authority of truth and authority of governance. Just imagine what we have to become. What are we becoming? What are our responsibilities? Baba says I give you the rights. You have to just receive it.

For tomorrow, the signal is to be egoless, humble. Egoless means humble. Always remember that you are not subservient and you don't have ego, but you still have self respect. Some of the things you can do when there is self respect. That means you have certain authority. We cannot be submissive, we cannot have anger, but we can be, I was saying, assertive. It's very subtle, but you are free from ego. Ego is expressed in many different ways. The sign of egolessness is humility. Imbibe the virtue of humility in your attitude. Is there any subtle attitude about your role, about your speciality? That appears in attitude. You kind of feel you are superior. You have more rights than others. Any subtle thing sounds like ego, because ego is very connected with body consciousness. Ego can also be visible through your drishti. How you look at others, how you make others feel. You can experience equality, love through drishti. Ego can also be expressed and is expressed a lot through words. Even if you have to tell someone not to do something, it's always good to respect the feelings of another person. That is where respect emerges. I remember that Dadi’s, they'll never ask not to do this. They would advise us. They also asked what I think or what I feel, not just give direction. This is how in words, the ego is visible. How to make everything very respectful in relationships is something very important. Egoless in our connections and relationships. When we become free from ego, then the soul becomes a great soul and that's what everyone will say. They won't have any complaints because of the way you showed respect. It's very subtle. Baba says that those who remain humble receive respect from everyone. Baba says no one gives respect to those who are arrogant. Everyone respects those who are humble. Look within, locate any traces of ego, how it appears and in which form. Is it through our words, through our drishti? Then we underline that I have to be humble. Then everything we speak is constructive. Relationships are constructive. Drishti is very constructive. When there is ego, then it breaks. It is only when we practice, when we pay attention, we can locate it and then we can work on it.

Of course, the main practice is the practice of being incorporeal and soul consciousness. When there is the soul conscious stage, then naturally you are free from ego. That is why we say incorporeal and egoless. So practice soul consciousness, incorporeal stage, bodiless stage, all that can help us to be free from ego and increase our humility. Not only that I am great, but making others also feel that they are great like us. That is what we will do when there is humility.

Om Shanti !

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