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Easy Nature #01

Sweetness_and_Love_1                        Mohini_Didi                 February 1,  2024   

Om Shanti!

Happy Satguruvaar! Baba says, “I know you more than you know yourself.” I remember when I used to pray on the path of bhakti, I never asked for anything. I said maybe He wants to give me more, or maybe my needs are different. He knows more than I know what I need. Baba said that many situations and many tests come, but don’t lose courage. Baba is watching us, and he knows what our needs are. So, to keep our chitt, in English we say attitude, it’s like something deeply we are holding. Whatever one is holding, then our thoughts are very connected with that. We all have different habits, but one of our sanskars could be that we always look around. I am holding that I don’t get as much as I deserve, whether receiving something or doing something. If that is what you are holding, you will always see things from that perspective. So, you will always feel not being loved, neglected, and it might not be true. It's only because you are holding something that you are not experiencing something, that you are receiving. You all have a lot of experience, some as parents with children, some as brothers, sisters, that is lokik, but this is spiritual. I always remember my fortune. Nobody can take my fortune, but I have to trust my fortune. Yes, I am Baba’s lucky child, I am Baba’s lovely child. So, today Baba said not only courage but remembrance all the time whatever I am, whatever I am doing, just keep using Baba. It's not something you say through words, but it’s from your heart. Yes, Baba you will make it happen. Like Dadi Janki always used to say, even if she had to go give a class, “Baba let’s go, Baba let’s do this.” With her age and body and busyness, all that energy, she was able to do because she kept saying, “Baba, Baba.” So, one of the easy ways to remember Baba today is to have this awareness of following shrimat. This one belongs to Baba, this thing belongs to Baba, the task I’m doing is Baba’s, and think of some of His virtues and powers. Baba has given us a lot of powers and also has given us blessings, so use them. Everyone of us has a lot of blessings, we have to use them. 

So, in the homework, every word can be explained, but you all can reflect on what is an easy nature. This is more like “Saral”, very serene, “Saral-chitt”, easy. One who is serene will be easy. It's inside that we make things complicated. We see something then we start assuming that this might happen, then that might happen, so we make it complicated. I immediately say, “Why will this happen? I don’t think this will happen.” So, reflect on that for tomorrow’s homework. Then what is spiritual? Those who always remain colored with the color of spirituality. Some people are very lokik, their body language, their words, what they speak of are not spiritual. Baba says that with the color of spirituality, automatically develop the virtue of sweetness. Those who do not look at the situations of themselves and others also become easy natured. Easy natured souls have a natural virtue of sweetness. So, connect the use of spirituality and sweetness. Sweetness is practically visible in their eyes, in their face, and in their behavior. It’s like you hear something and internally you start thinking. Everyone thinks differently. So, don’t make it more complicated than the way it is. With spirituality, with Baba’s remembrance, that obstacle can just be removed. If you keep it, take it, then think about it all the time. I know there is effort, but that’s the effort that is remembrance of Baba.

So, Baba gave many signals for tomorrow. In Bhog also, Baba said to always remember Baba in an easy way, not that I have to sit, look at a point of light and then concentrate, I can’t do that. Then I say, “Oh, I can’t remember Baba.” Remembrance is not concentration on a point of light. Baba, I am a star, you are also a star. Invocation of Baba is through Baba’s virtues. It is not that I say, “Oh, point of light, please come.” Mother will come, father will come, Satguru will come, karankaravanhaar will come, invoke with Baba’s qualities and Baba’s tasks, not only his form. That introduction is given so that I know I am a soul, point of light, and Baba is also a point of light. Some get very disappointed and say, “Oh, I couldn’t connect with Baba.’ We already have the connection; we only have to turn on the switch. It’s not that you connect every day. In your house, do you make connections every day?  You turn on the switch, and that is awareness, smriti. Baba always says smriti is your switch. Just remember Baba in any way. Doesn’t matter what way, just with love. Baba you are really the Ocean of Love. It will reach Baba, that remembrance. So, make everything very simple, very easy, but not lazy. 

Om Shanti

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