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Easily become a conqueror of Maya #27

Elevated_Mind_and_Subtle_Attitude_27 Mohini_Didi May 27, 2023

Om Shanti!

Everyone is okay? Yes, that's why you are here! We had been listening to Baba's avyakti signals every day. These are the points we get from Madhuban, from the Murlis, and every month we have a different topic. In the month of June, we will start new series, but for this month we were working on how thoughts create vibrations. Every thought, and even vibrations, are not something we can see, but we can feel it. Like if someone has very suppressed anger, it is not visible, but the presence of that soul creates some kind of ripples, like vibrations, and every one feels it a little bit. Now we are with Baba and we are God's children. We want to create the vibrations that can awaken the goodness, kindness and good qualities of that person. Even with a plant, if it has sunlight, and we give it water, we do everything with a lot of love, the plant grows properly. So we are in the service of human beings, it is not necessary that everyone will recognize Baba or everyone will take knowledge. At least some kind of eternal qualities of that soul should emerge. Actually, parents give so much love, family has so much love, but not everyone feels the same. Some really feel, “Oh I am really loved by my family, they care for me”, and some don't feel that. What we have to do is to keep having good wishes for everyone, good feelings for everyone. Baba talks about pure feelings and good wishes. These good wishes will awaken good qualities and good feelings in others. So, what you think is very important.

So, Baba has been saying that sometimes you can't tolerate something, so now you don't have tolerance, some don't want it. However, if I want to experience tolerance, I think of Baba and say that yes, Baba can give me power and as soon as you think, yes, you get that power. Sometimes you need it instantly, and you are not able to do it, like let me do yoga now, but I can take it from Baba as my birthright, master Almighty. So Baba is saying to keep your mind occupied. The mind functions 24 hours, you can't stop it, even at night time, you might be in deep sleep, but the mind is traveling, going into the past. Some people get dreams and try to connect. I say that you should not think about it. If you try to connect, I don't know what will come in your mind.

So, how to have elevated thoughts and very pure feelings? That's something Baba has been saying the whole month because if I like someone, yes, if I don't like someone, automatically the vibrations of those thoughts will touch others. So, Maya is a kind of illusion, Maya is very deceptive. When we were young, I remember they used to say, there is a big tree outside the house and there are ghosts there. There is a breeze and leaves are making some kind of sound, moving now, doing this, so it was a kind of illusion. It is something that is not real and it has gone in your mind, very deceptive. Sometimes it happens that the mind projects many things. It was very interesting. There was a point in the Murli when you have many desires then you are not able to face anything because of those desires. Always remember that any wish you have will be fulfilled. Do we want that? I have to be very clear about what I really want and wish. So are you the one who will create that in the mind, or is it that the mind creates that? The mind has the tendency to see something someone has. These days everyone likes good cars. So, you see something, “Oh this is very good, BMW is very good”, and now everyday people tell me they are buying a Tesla. Everyone is saying, “Oh, yesterday my car was delivered, I am buying this.” Yesterday one very young brother who lives here brought his cell phone and a new car. In the cell phone, there is a lock on the car. So I pressed it, and the car was open. You know everyone is into that, that is something different, because they think in different ways, better to have that. It is kind of elusive, like a desire, and then you get trapped and then it is very difficult to come out.

That is why Baba wants our thoughts to be pure, desires to be pure, very realistic and practical, not going to illusions. These days, so much is happening, so much information, that our mind is in confusion also, overloaded with information. So that's why Baba says to keep your mind busy, occupied in good thoughts and elevated thoughts. Keep a good balance between love, feelings, and also knowledge. You must have seen many mothers. They have bhavna, a lot of feelings but not necessarily knowledge. So Baba wants us to have a balance between knowledge, pure feelings and also yoga. Bring benefit to yourself, but also bring benefit to not only a few, but think about the well being of the whole world, because after all, we are one family. We are all brothers and sisters, children of common parents, so always whatever I have received, share with others so they can also have it. These are our good wishes towards the well being of the world.

Om Shanti


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