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Earning with a true heart is a true income #12

Honest_Heart_12 Mohini_Didi December 12,2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

Today Baba was talking about, whatever we have to do, do it with happiness. There are some very subtle karmic accounts in everything. Some don’t maintain an honest heart. They think it’s alright, if they are paid for 10 hours and only work for 2-3 hours. I always tell them that's not right. At least finish your job and do it happily. If we are paid for it, then we have to do it happily. Baba is not against having a lot of money, but to have that money, you have to be honest. Honest money, even if it is little, the value and the utilization of that will be vast. I think each one of you can think about if you have had any such experience. I find that internally if you know it’s Baba’s money, the value of that money definitely multiplies. If I say it’s my money, and if it is not earned in the right way, then there could be concerns or worries.

January 18th is called a day of remembrance and of powers. Baba became incognito, avyakt and revealed you children in front of the world for world service. When Brahma Baba became avyakt in Mount Abu, the local people used to say, now their Baba is gone, let’s see how they will sustain themselves. When Dadi Prakashmani was given the responsibility, suddenly service started going so much. A lot of centers, a lot of programs, big programs happened. Baba revealed and willed all the powers and made her instrument. Wherever she went, new centers would begin. A lot of appreciation of not only Dadi Prakashmani but all the other sisters also. Baba said just remind yourself that Baba has given you all the powers. Sometimes it does happen, that your energy is low, you have some weak thoughts. Immediately, remind yourself that in your will, there are powers. Baba’s powers are my powers, and immediately you will gain strength, feel power.

I don’t think Baba’s children are ever lazy. I have seen that everyone is so honest. Since morning until evening they have a good time table. I have seen them always busy. Whatever rest is required by the body, that’s alright, but they are not lazy. That's what Baba meant by an honest heart. It’s not that you are supposed to do something and you give it to someone else to do. If I have to do it, I should feel fortunate and I should do it.

I remember when we came to the USA, we didn’t have much money, but we were able to do so much service. Sometimes, I think we are doing less now than at that time. We were happy, there was a lot of enthusiasm, we wanted to glorify Baba, we wanted to give everyone Baba’s message. We said, “if in New York there are 10-20 million people, we should at least print 1 million flyers.” There was a lot of enthusiasm. We rented an apartment, 1 bedroom and a small kitchen for $240. We had murli, the course. Sometimes there were extra people so we would sit in the kitchen and give the course. Gradually from there, we moved to the first house in Queens which still we use as Baba’s house. From there we moved to Harmony House, the capacity of the hall is 300. Then Baba gave us Peace village. Now our hearts are big. Everyone says, now I want to come, I want to stay.

Many people asked how it all happens. You don’t raise funds. Generally people do programs to raise funds, but Baba doesn’t charge for studies. Everyone likes to contribute. You will be surprised that many places near Peace Village are not able to operate. Many businesses are closing. Those in the town wonder how we do it. As Baba said, honest money, automatically we are able to take care of all the expenses. Baba’s children become instruments. It is quite a big place, but we are very careful. If they need another washing machine, they think about it a few times, then they buy it. If you are honestly using everything then matter, nature, the resources are pulled. It’s very interesting. Once there was discussion at one center that when people come from work they are tired, so they wanted to keep hot water and tea bags, so that when they come back they can have a cup of tea. Some were saying it is a lot of expense. How can we do that? They decided to keep it. Then anyone who drank tea thought maybe I should also put something in Bhandari. There was constantly enough milk and tea bags, because it is pure, there are no desires, no expectations. When that goes in the stomach, then pure thoughts will emerge. They start buying more and more tea bags. Purity and honesty, the energy is so beautiful. It has abundance, prosperity.

I think it’s only those who have experience either in personal life or yagya. I know there was a lot of concern during Covid, because there are no retreats, places are closed. What happened was many of Baba’s children were working from home and said, “Why don’t we just go and work from Peace Village?” Some left their apartments because they were paying rent and it was not useful. After Covid, some of them had to go back to work, but some became part of the Peace Village nivasis. It is so beautiful that many new one’s just decided to stay at Peace Village. Most of them are IT people, so naturally then they would contribute. Everything really works, as Baba said. There won’t be any worry. We know we get dal and roti. Simple food is practical. Our duty is to keep the place clean, keep good vibrations and then those who come have good experiences.

I remember one time Baba said, the pond has to be filled drop by drop. It will not happen that a millionaire will come and run the place. It has to be drop by drop. Everyone has to put a little bit and the pond gets full. That’s what I see practically, and that’s honest and pure money. Baba is talking about doing it happily and always have trust, Baba is always there to take care of me. Think about it, reflect on it and experiment on it.

Om Shanti

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