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Do Not Have Any Burden #23

Stay_in_AvyaktSilence23                  Mohini_Didi                    January 23, 2024

Om Shanti Baba's double light children. 

Baba says that love is power. We listen to that and we try to change love into power. Are we using love as a power? Whenever Baba says something, the intellect starts reflecting on it. Love is also a canopy of protection, because it is love with Almighty Baba. So Baba’s love brings power. There is no laboring when there is love. It should be easy to love Baba, but love has to be from the heart. He is our One strength and One support. We have to look at ourselves and see if I am experiencing the power of love. It’s very important. When I am in Shantivan, it’s a very big family. When it's a big family then that much food has to be cooked, that much accommodation has to be arranged. It happens all the time because of love for Baba, love for Yagya, love for Baba’s children and the family. Day and night everything goes on. There are many brothers who are responsible for many departments. They have so much enthusiasm. There is a brother next door to our building, who is in charge of about 18 trucks. What he does is order vegetables, fruits, butter, and milk. So from 12.30 am to 1:00pm, trucks are going, collecting vegetables, bringing butter, and milk everything. He has been doing it since he was 14 years of age. Once a group came to me from the take-away food department, and they were telling me how people have to travel for 3 days, so they have to cook things that don't spoil. They were doing it with so much enthusiasm and there was so much variety. That's the power of love. For over 30 years they have been doing this Yagya seva. Many came as young boys from good families, so Dadi  Prakakshmani told them to stay. Boys are generally considered to be the support for the lokik family also, but they stayed. Now they are grown men. I have known some of them for 55 years. They remain double-light. Baba’s love creates a lot of facilities for the comfort of such a big family. I think it’s because of silence or because of not feeling the burden. I never heard too many complaints from them. They are happily doing it. So what is this? The power of love! 

So, Baba is inspiring us for tomorrow. Do not have any burden in the mind or intellect. One time, one sister was looking very tired. She said, “Today my brain is very tired.” Sometimes, we say the mind is very tired because of some burden. So practice avyakti silence. Silence will heal you, recharge you, inspire you. It is essential to fulfill your responsibility, but to the extent that you have responsibility, be double-light to the same extent. While fulfilling your responsibilities, be detached from any burden of responsibility. This is known as being loved by the Father. Do not be afraid by thinking, “What can I do? I have a lot of responsibility. Should I do this or not? This is very difficult.” If you feel like this, it means you have a burden. To be double-light means to be free from these feelings. Baba says, do not have any burden from some upheaval of any work or responsibility. Dadi Gulzar used to tell us when you begin something, it is a journey, and until it gets accomplished, many situations arise. She used to say that a good teacher means one who goes through all these difficult things and gets the task accomplished. Some just abandon it, leave it. I can’t do it any more. It is too much. It is difficult. If we have taken any commitment, we have to complete it. It’s our responsibility. What you need is the power of avyakti silence, and that will keep you double light. So tomorrow is the day, see whatever you have to do, but do not carry any burden.

Om Shanti

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