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Divine Intellect #19

Embodiment_of_Solutions_19 Mohini Didi October 19, 2023

Om Shanti

Each one of you looks very well. Sometimes I think it is Baba’s blessings, is it the reward of our elevated actions that as a big family we see everyone, we meet each other, share our drishti, and share our well-being. Generally that doesn’t happen, so we are very fortunate. If we really think that Baba is the One who is the Bestower of Blessings, we are born with that. Our birth is with divine gifts from Baba. So many beautiful things in our nature; sweetness, calmness, forgiveness, and so many beautiful qualities. So, if you make the list, there is a long list of blessings. Today, we will talk about the blessing of a divine intellect. Divine is a very high elevated word. We say love, and we also say divine love, intellect and divine intellect. A divine intellect is an intellect that always thinks beyond lokik or reasoning, beyond ordinary reasoning. Whether we have to answer, speak, respond, whatever it is, whatever we have to do, we should do in an extraordinary way. Introversion, concentration, loving intellect, all these are beautiful qualities for us to use. Baba is giving so many gifts for us to use. One of the gifts is the gift of divine intellect. There are divine virtues, divine powers, but all this is based on divine intellect. Sometimes they show a third eye in the middle of the forehead in the yogis, but this is the gift given by Baba. From time to time, Baba makes us aware of our gifts because sometimes we get a gift and we keep it in a closet, meaning you forget about it. Baba then reminds us to use it. So, use the gift of the divine intellect that each of you children have received as a blessing from Bapdada. When it comes to blessings, it again depends on our divinity and purity. As much as there is purity, a very clean heart, benevolent feelings for everyone, good wishes, good feelings, and when it is very natural, we get blessings. Baba is saying that children have received the blessing of a divine intellect from BapDada. When you use anything for a task, it increases, and you experience happiness and joy. Internally, very deeply, using something in service brings joy. Happiness is more external, joy is more internal, very deep but both are important.

Baba is saying that divinity in every task is the basis of success. We should remember that whatever we are doing is God’s task. Sometimes we could do it in a very ordinary way, but we remember it’s God’s task, the awareness, my words, my attitude everything should be Godly. The quality of God means Ocean of Love and Ocean of Peace. So, be aware of whose task it is, and then you remember that you have to use divine intellect, which is my blessing from Baba, a special gift from Baba. Divinity in every task is the basis of success. What other tasks do we have but Baba’s task? So, our nature, words, interaction with everyone, has to be very pure and divine. Some days I just visualize all of us having divine awareness and we are looking at each other as divine beings, and speaking with each other with divine words. When everything is divine, there will be such beautiful experiences, it is like a new world, pure world. That’s what I think is Baba’s task. So, we have to use our divine intellect for Baba’s task all the time.

Om Shanti

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